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Vic Beasley - CBS still has him listed as LB (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, any of you use CBS for your IDP leagues?  I picked Vic Beasley up in the off season because they announced the change back to a 4-3 defense and Vic being a full time DE.  V.Beasley is listed as a DE on all other sites as well as the Falcons official depth chart and roster.  CBS still hasn't updated his position eligibility and they have for almost all other player examples.  Any idea on how to contact them, to have it changed?  I've sent in multiple emails in the past and never get a response.

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The way CBS handles customer support is horrific, and one of the biggest complaints I've had about their site. If you're not the commish, don't bother trying to reach customer support. They make it very hard to even contact them as a mere "pleb-owner" forcing you to go to your commish and have the commish contact CBS. If you are the commish and you got no response on emails in the past.... yikes; it's worse than I thought.


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