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League IDP 20-24 teams drafting next week around sept 24 (1 Viewer)

Janderson.clffclub email me for more info auction slow draft . 12 hour clock per player nomination

Do you think you have what it takes to build a team that can take you to multiple championship!?

This post is to any of you strong Coach/GMs out there who are ready to be a team owner for the long term. We are looking for real fantasy football Coaches who are interested in joining a new/ startup IDP ( individual defensive players) football league we are about to start. We are looking to start in the next week or so as we finalize the bylaws and scoring for all positions . In this league you will draft ( auction style) offense and Defense players. This is for any Coach/GM who wants and thinks that they can hang in a deep league looking for 18- 20. This will be a DYNASTY empire league and all the people you pick you keep for a max of 4 years then they become unrestricted FA . You can bid on them again in that years FA AUCTION.

This is not for the weak at heart!

I repeat if you are a weak GM that only want to play with stars this is not for you! If you think you have to many teams then this is not for you. lol If you think you can pick up those little Off/Def sleepers that can win you a championship then we want you! If you think you have what it takes and are interested and want more info drop me a line and say that you want in! We know some of you have more then one team, and already kicked out money for them. So we are not looking for you to pay right now. The buy in for this year is $100 . I know geez another high end league. The heat is always turned up when a good amount of real cash is up for grabs. The neat thing is its going to be broken into 4 small payments of just $25 dollars each month SEPTEMBER,OCTOBER,


This buy in schedule can be used for next year if you like or which ever way works for your budget , we all know or have a link to a person in this email chain, so with us all being good mature adults we can use the honor system and the trust that no one will knowingly welch on this hard core deeply involved GM minded league. A special request that if this is your kind of league that we all do one day on the weekend of local charity volunteer work as a league if you can ( no pressure ), and also the Super Bowl champion the commish and league competition committee will automatically donate a small percentage reflective of your winnings to your favorite charity or foundation on your behalf 5-10% max.

We will be putting a lot of time and effort into this , in the past we thought about a league website, which can still be done that could include bios and info on members with great respect to any fantasy accolades and or past rings. Yes this league will have the full bells and whistles and more, with organized and scheduled fantasy small gatherings and social events. We hope to create a wealth of media and social interactions and the bold future of the weekly radio show that we have been looking into they will be hosted by radio blog talk. So this is a huge on taking for us and we want to invite those fans that are deeply committed and ready to make this a great venture for years to come.

The host site would be myfantasyleague.com.

There is so much to do to prepare and build the bylaws that will fairly govern us all. Also to make this completely fair as possible we will be using salary cap and contract years with a start up auction. The auction allows all GMs a chance to own what ever players they want but at a cost.

I hope to see all you hardcore NFL FANTASY types signed up soon.

Contact Jeremy Newball at jeremynewball@gmail.com

For more details or to sign up

We would like to have 20 GMs

That would make the player pool very even with offense , defense and special teams players

These are the positions we will be drafting for from the FREE AGENT PLAYER POOL. Max 40 players on rooster year one , year two max players on roster 47 , year three max 53 man rooster not including IR OR TAXI SQUAD PLAYERS.

Min players allowed first year and on is 30. You must be able to fill starting line up after draft and fulfill your bye weeks year one and on. We don't want a team to bid up on one mega star and then not have enough players to start and fill in for bye weeks and injures , this style we create a even playing field and produce great match ups for years to come and most important parity throughout the league weeks and years.






All positions will have pertinent relative scoring pulled from position specific metrics . Example PN

Punters that have more kicks inside the 20,10,5 yard line will have a scoring scale based on these related stats.

Hope that makes sense and shows you where we won't to go with this.

Much more info to come, thank you for reading

Jason Anderson

Cell is 2024227878 text me

Leaguesafe.com money secured

What's your email will send invite


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