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Lindsay for Tate? Im heavy at RB and need a WR. (1 Viewer)


In my 10 team 1-PPR  .5-PPRush 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1TE/WR/RB 

Should I trade Lindsay for Golden Tate straight up? Lindsay has a great opp with Freeman down for a few weeks, but I keep having issues with 2 decent WR performances. I lose a locked in flex player for the next few weeks till Bell and Fournette come back. I think Pitt uses Conner/Bell like Ingram/Kamara and both will be RB1/2's week in and out. Fournette is a lottery ticket I got off waiver wire after a frustrated owner dropped him. Ive been able to stash him in IR. 

Baldwin FINALLY looked like he may be reliable before his bye week. Should I hold with Alshon and Baldwin like I planned at my draft, or do I go get a Golden Tate that will reliably put up a decent floor.

My Roster

Big Ben




Lev Bell (IR spot)

Fournette (IR spot)

J. Howard

P. Lindsay 

C. Clement

donta foreman (IR spot)




Trey Burton

OJ Howard

Greg Olsen

We normally only get 6 bench spots but ive been able to store Bell Foreman and Fournette in IR slots.

I don't see anything wrong with the trade. You do have good RB depth with your IR spots and could use a better WR. I would also drop OJ Howard for a waiver wire wonder. No need for 3 te's.


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