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RB Overload - Roster Management (1 Viewer)


I am 3-2 and 3rd in my 5 man division, both other teams are 3-2 as well.

10 team - 1 PPReception - 1/2 PPRush


Big Ben
Jameis (Picked up for a 1 week stream vs ATL)


Corey Davis





Lev Bell (IR SPOT)

Corey Clement

Donte Foreman (IR SPOT)

Trey Burton

Greg Olsen

Dan Baily

Streaming D (Green Bay)

as you can see I have become drowing in RBs. I kept Hunt in 2nd round, Drafted Bell 2nd overall. Grabbed conner off waivers when bell held out, drafted howard in 3rd. Grabbed Lindsay in week 2ish, picked up Fournette off waivers last week, Foreman was a easy stash to one of our TWO IR spots. (Bell has been in my other spot), Just Grabbed Clement on waivers.

I am currently trying to package Ben, Lev Bell, Trey Burton, and Corey Davis for Cam, Gronk, AB.

If this trade happens I feel very comfortable with where my roster would be. Am I missing something? Should I be dropping Lindsay or Olsen for someone like Geronimo or Lockett?

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Having too many playable RB's is not a bad problem to have.  I wouldn't drop them just for the sake of dropping them.  I would only do so if it lead to an automatic starter being acquired at a position of need.  I would not put Allison or Lockett in that category so I would not drop them.

As you are already trying to do, making a trade is your best option to capitalize on some of that depth. 

How in the heck did you get Fournette on waivers.  With 2 IR spots there is no justification for anybody dropping Fournette.  Crazy.

I couldn't believe it..... And I'm a guy who makes lots of moves every week so it's not like I was top priority!? 

I'd take the QB's out of your proposed trade.  Winston could easily be your starter for the rest of the year. Don't try and overshoot by asking for Cam. Don't drop Lindsay or Olsen.


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