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Live Call-In Audible: The Drive Block 10 PM eastern tonight (1 Viewer)

1) I was one of the drivers on the Ray Rice Bandwagon "afternoon shift", believing he has everything to be a starting NFL RB. Has Rice's lack of playing time been more of McLain's success or Rice not having the talent?

Is Rice still looking good long term for dynasty?

2) Any hope of either Heap or Vernon Davis turning their season around and being productive?

Bonus WDIS, need 2 this week in a PPR

B Jax vs Atl

KJ vs Det

Gage at Balt

Hester at Det

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Fred Taylor is as old as dirt and lacks both the power and quickness of MJD - he's averaging fewer yards per carry (3.6 vs. 4.4) and fewer yards per reception (6.3 vs. 9.4)...yet Taylor has 30% MORE touches than MJD (51 vs. 66). Do you expect Del Rio to come to his senses any time soon or am I expecting too much out of an NFL coach?

FWIW, I have other options at RB (Turner, Stewart, Edge), and the strength of my team is at WR, so I don't need/expect RB1 numbers out of MJD, but it really seems like his talent is being wasted (he currently projects to have 150 carries this year). What do you expect going forward?

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1) He's on a bye now but is this the Zach Miller we can expect every week?

2) In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King wrote,"I think if I had a spare spot on my fantasy team, I'd claim Ryan Torain, injured rookie Denver running back. Just do it. You'll thank me when you win your league." Seriously?

3) Matt Jones has 21 catches and is on pace for 80+ receptions. Is it finally time to buy in? Do you see him as a low-end WR2/high WR3?

4) Is Pierre Thomas worth a roster spot (redraft)?

5) Is Big Ben more of a backup fantasy QB now? Do you like him better in Jax over Kurt Warner this weekend since it looks like he'll have to air it out against the below-average (hate to say it) Jaguars pass defense?

Thanks for any questions you can answer!

Mike in Jacksonville, Fl.

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Two questions:

1- I need a BYE week fill in at TE (I only have KWII rostered ... most of my league only carries one TE). Most of the top TEs are taken, but a lot of the second tier guys are available. I'm thinking about either Kevin Boss, Owen Daniels, Delanie Walker or Greg Olsen. Which one would you take? If none of these, who else should I look at? I suspect that Daniels will have the bigger game and you all are in a unique position to confirm or disconfirm that suspicion.

2 - Cassell, Campbell or Griese this weekend?


I just came back from a Geology field trip to the Grand Canyon and while listening to last week's Drive Block an Eagle's fan from Massachusetts got me to thinking about a prominent feature we discussed during the trip; the Great Unconformity, in a nut shell, it depicts a large void in geological time. How do we link that to the Eagles you might ask? Well when was the last time they won a Super Bowl? So to that illustrious caller, Yakety Yak, Don't Talk Trash; unfortunately for Eagles fans Yaking is more relevant to Super Bowl performances than winning.

Which of these receivers do you think will be on another team next year; TJ Houshmandzadeh and Roy Williams? Of these two who has the greatest upside and who would be least affected by a particular offensive system? I originally had Lee Evans as part of this question but since he was signed today maybe you could speak to his future in the Trent Edward's led Buffalo offense.

I know that as I listen to the debate tonight I will be wishing Cecil was the moderator.

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In a 12 team redraft my QBs are Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers. Matt Leinart was recently cut, but to pick him up I would either have to release Chris Perry or go with no TE this week. I'm tempted to go without a TE because my opponent is not at full strength (Boldin hurt, Westbrook hurt, TJones on bye, etc.)

Should I leave Leinart on the waiver wire, or am I right to worry about Warner's durability/job security?

Thanks guys!

Mr. D

Piggybacking off of dmac and Katism's earlier TE questions, a lot of us thought this was a great year to wait on drafting a TE. As a result, there are a lot of us that swung and missed on the likes of Clark, Shockey (so far) and the San Fransisco VD. Add in that guys like The Soldier and Cooley have disappointed that TE are a hot commodity in my leagues and there have been bidding wars for the guys like Fasano and Carson. Are there any TEs that might still be on the waiver wire that you see breaking out or turning it around. Each league will vary, but these are the types of guys available in mine:

Scaife, Zack Miller, Keller, Rosario, Royal, Boss, Heath Miller, Jerramy "community service" Stevens, Vernon Davis, Heap, etc.

I'm about to cut bait on Deangelo Williams. Is it too soon or should I hold on to him as my RB #4?

Michael Bush is available Does he have more value than D-Will?

Which WR has more value going forward Deion Branch, Engram or Lance Moore. I'm going to pick one of them up.

Which TE would you hold onto at this point; Zach Miller or Bo Scaife?

Bonezerelli here writing in from waaaaay up here in Crap.....errrr....Carp, Ontario where rural mullets can mingle with urban dreads without fear of reprisal.

Philosophical question here of which I am willing to accept no clear answer

At what point does the potential high value of someone who could start become less than the low value of someone with less skill who can start immediately?

At what point do you drop someone you know will do when if given the chance for someone you know is just a stop-gap?

i.e. I have Derrick Ward and Darren Sproils sitting on my bench which I am quite happy with based on what they could do if the starters on their teams get injured. I would like to go and pick up Torrain based on his potential. Doing so will mean dropping someone like....Rudi Johnson who I know has less potential but is in a better position to provide points in the short term.

Aside from this specific example, at what point do you sacrifice the less valued/but more immediate point providers for higher valued/less immediate point providers?

I realize this is no easy answer,but I was wondering if there is any more insight into this.

Here's kind of a pathetic question for this week from an SJax and FWP owner - I do actually have to start a couple of RBs this week, so what do you think about this bunch:

Ronnie Brown vs. SD

Mewelde Moore vs. JAX

Rudi Johnson vs. CHI

Chris Perry vs. DAL

Deuce vs. MIN

It seems like no matter which one I want to go with, the matchup looks atrocious this week.

What are your thoughts on Andre Johnson? Houston finally put together a nice game with 300+ yards passing and 3TDs, yet Johnson's stat line was less than impressive. Is he a buy low right now or was he just over-rated to begin with?

Do you guys think it is too early to start either Engram or Branch? What should we expect to see from these two this weekend?

Which NYG WR is the best bet to put up big numbers this week with Plax out? Toomer, Smith, Hixon?

How much would your hatred for Joe Flacco have increased had he been able to beat your beloved Steelers last week? Does the fact that he kept it close against a superior team make you like him just a little bit?

Favre on BYE, Palmer out and Rodgers seems like he will be out! I guess I need to drop Palmer and pick up and play?

trent Edwards @ari

Orton @ Det

Kitna VS chi

Schaub vs Ind

I hate these choices but what else am I to do?

I hope you cats are doing well and enjoying this season as much as I am...so far. Thanks for all the great work you do with The Drive Block, The Audible and The Five Minute Drill. Good stuff all around. I appreciate the knowledge.

I also appreciated your comments last week about my bailing out on the Steelers after the Philly debacle (Big Ben for Trent Edwards and Willie Parker for Reggie Bush). In retrospect, I violated one of my cardinal rules "Don't Push the Panic Button Too Early!" Even a wily veteran like me who has played fantasy football for 15 years can make a blunder. That's the nature of the beast.

So this week, I need your insight on a couple of injury issues.

I drafted Brian Westbrook in the first round at #6 in a 16 team league and was delighted he fell to me there. After starting the year as Team of the Week, I've fallen to the lowest of the low and was Sally Boy in week 3 and narrowly avoided that ignominious honor in week 4. I'm now at 1-3 and need to win, can't wait, need it now, baaaaad. How long do you expect it will take until Westbrook is healthy and productive? Should I move him now for a healthy starter? My other backs are Reggie Bush, Chester Taylor, Kevin Jones, Greg Jones and Kregg Lumpkin. I know, pretty stinky.

Second, with Carson Palmer's elbow ailment and varying reports on severity of the injury, is it worth a waiver bid on Ryan Fitzpatrick to possibly broker a trade down the road with the Palmer owner in my league? What think you?

16 team league. 6 pts TDs. No PPR. Standard yardage scoring.


Cupper in Packerland

Still lovin' the podcasts guys.

I have two question:

1) I've been able to pick Marques Colston up off the waiver wire in two of my four leagues. Are they idiots or am I missing something about his injury that makes his comeback questionable?

2) What is your philoshopy on benching automatic-play "stud" players when they have a bad match-up and the others on your bench look to have a much more favorable week? For example, this week in a league I've got two WR slots (I'm plaving Brandon Marshall and "Megatron" Calvin Johnson), an RB slot (one in which I'm definitely playin "This Ma' Son" Marshawn Lynch), which leaves me with a remaing RB and W/R Flex positions to fill from MJD, Mewelde Moore, Tim Hightower, Lance Moore and Eddie Royal. I'm leaning towards benching MJD because he's facing your Steelers, in favor of Moore and Moore (sounds like a law firm?) vs the soft Jacksonville running D and the best-way-to-score-on-the-Vikings passing D. I'm also on the fence in another league where I'm thinking of benching a not 100% Westbrook in favor of Earnest Graham (who might tear up my Broncos like he's Reggie Bush) and Superstar Steve Slaton against a suspect Colts defense (also have Chris Johnson and Michael Turner in that league...the people I'm playing with are new to this).

Thanks Guys,


Coloradan Stuck in Texas

Hey fellas...great week in sports with all the upsets last weekend, and music as well will the Phab Phour announcing theyre getting back together. Yesterday was XMas in October.

My question is:

What is your outlook on Thomas Jones? His schedule is appealing but the amount of touches hes gotten the last few weeks hasnt exactly been up to snuff, esp last week with Washington stealing a good amount of touches

Also, does Chatman's return impact TJones touches? Specifically, will Jones' nest egg of the goal line carries split open and melt?

...and WDIS as my flex: Bowe, Chambers, McGahee, or Felix Jones vs. cincy (Im starting MB3 already)

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Couldn't be on an hour earlier this week? I would sooooooooo rather hear a Cecil rant than these VPs debate

What do you think the value of Roy Williams (WR DET) is in a dynasty league. Will he need to get traded to have the value that he's had in the past since he's looking like the #2 now.

Side note to Bloom. I gave up on your boy Zack Miller right before Sunday's game for Giants D. It figures he'd finally hit the stat sheet.

Hey Cecil, how come you didn't call Vernon the San Francisco VD as it was worded in my question? :goodposting:

Was it because it would require another apology to Joe and David?

FFdork said:
Hey Cecil, how come you didn't call Vernon the San Francisco VD as it was worded in my question? :D

Was it because it would require another apology to Joe and David?
I sometimes have problems reading :lol:
What do you feel is the trade value of rookie RBs like Forte, C.Johnson, Slaton & McFadden? What WRs would you put in the same ballpark as their current value?


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