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Does Reggie Wayne do anything against Detroit?

If that one bores you, how about this:

Davone Bess = Top-7 fantasy receiver this weekend.

Welcome to my playoff version of - The Good-The Bad- and The Ugly

All are 1 PPR

Good- need a #3 & #4 WR

pick 2

V. Jackson




Bad- need a #2 RB

pick 1


Bradshaw (if Jacobs is out)

Ugly- need a #1 & #2 RB out of this mess, believe it or not still in 2nd place in a no playoff a 12 team money league with these RB's


Foster (if Gore is out)


Boyd (yes I saw your post in the shark pool)



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My brother miraculously made it to the playoffs in our league despite his lack of fantasy/NFL knowledge (we'll meet in the SB if we both win the next 2 weeks). But he's got a tough decision at his flex spot.

no ppr. 10 yds rush/rec = 1 pt. TD = 6 pts.

M. Morris ... @ STL

Hightower ... vs MIN

K. Smith ... @ IND

Thanks for the help, he needs it if he's going to win this week.

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I'm not sure if this question is in play, but here we go ...

Which Heisman finalist's (Tebow, Bradford or McCoy) game transfers the best to the NFL? I am god awful suck horrible pathetic at evaluating QBs (I drafted both David Carr and Vince Young), so I need some help on this.

Edit to add another question. Sit 1 of the following 4: Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, Andre Johnson and Derrick Ward. I'm inclined to start all the WRs, but it's starting to sound more like Jacobs will sit and Ward will start.

Also just wanted to point out that I'm starting both Pierre and Reggie tonight. By the time this gets read on the air, we'll know if I'm either an Albert Einstein Super Genius or a Wile E. Coyote Super Genius.

Lammey, looking forward to shooting you in the face on Gears 2.

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Pick one: Lance Moore, Derrick Mason, Kevin Walter (already starting AJ), or Donald Driver

Pick two: Lance Moore, Domenik Hixon, Deion Branch, Davone Bess, Jerricho Cotchery, Steve Breaston

Pick one: Zach Miller or Chris Cooley

Pick two: A. Gates, W. Welker, or M. Colston


Hi guys. Sadly I am out of the playoffs. Ran into the Bryant buzzsaw. I was happy not at all to see him blow up lately since I am a long suffering (at least since the early 90s) Niners fan .

Anyway, I am in an auction keeper league with no limit on the numbers of keepers we can keep. I am looking to stash a few keepers while I can still hit the waivers. I can grab about three. Looking for upside players who might emerge in the offseason since we don’t have to report our keepers until just before the auction draft next year. This is not a dynasty league, and keepers get more expensive each year they are kept and I will not have the roster to stash a player on the bench another year. These types of players are availabe, but am interested in other ideas too!

QB Kolb, Josh Johnson

RB Green-Ellis, Ware (NYG), Lumpkin

WR Jordy Nelson

Your suggestions as to who to target are greatly appreciated.

P.S. love the Maiden lead ins and even Cecil's singing. How about some Motorhead-Ace of Spades?

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Hey fellas, great job with everything as always.

You've both spent time discussing many dynasty stashes for quite some time now, either on the Audible or through Bloom's Buy-Sell article or Dynasty Watch. In contrast, do you have a number of players in mind that you officially consider flat out droppable in dynasty? Players that are either past their prime (Bulger, Kitna comes to mind), or younger players that have shown flashes yet just haven't panned out (James & Jacoby Jones, L. Robinson, Meachem, D.J. Hackett, Reggie Brown, etc).

Many of us fall into the trap of wasting a roster spot on a player longer than we should, passing by solid talent in the process. Love to hear your thoughts.

Hey Guys,

Looking forward to the show. One week deeper into the playoffs! Some tough decisions this week:

(1) 1/2 ppr for RBs: Derrick Ward vs. Sammy Morris... if Jacobs is out Ward gets all the carries, but Sammy has the far better matchup;

(2) 1 ppr for WRs: Do you bench Calvin Johnson with "John Doe" at QB? Other options are [a] VJax Cotchery [c] SHolmes [d] Lance

(3) 1 PPR for TEs: Chris Cooley vs. Owen Daniels... and if you like them both, would you start either as flex over Lee Evans?

Thanks, as always.

Ps- loved Cecil leading in with Crue!

Since gheemony covered my Cooley/Miller question, I'll move on to WR.

If Megatron's hand injury slows him or keeps him on the bench this week, which is the better WR to replace him: Berrian or Branch?

Also, which two of these RBs are the better starts: SJax, Ronnie Brown, Dunn, Willie Parker, and Tatum Bell. I'm probably going to roll with SJax and Brown, unless you guys think there are better options somewhere in there.

I request a segment where you discuss the first three rounds of a 2009 FBG standard redraft.

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pronounced KY-DOY... :lol:

Great stuff as usual guys..

I know it's just the TE position but I have a dilemma:



(Carlson is still available on ww) He didn't fare well v STL in their first meeting tho.

I can start two TE's if I want, but would I dare start 2? What order would you rank them? This is a ppr league too. Thanks guys!

I have to thank you guys for convincing me not to drop Deangelo Williams during week 6. Thanks to that great advice I’ve road him to the playoffs with the best record in the league.

Since somebody else has already asked about the status of Reggie Wayne, I’ll ask do I start Wayne over the likes of Kevin Walter?

Also how about this…as a flex player…I have MBIII, Brandon Jacobs, D-Will, and Pierre Thomas. I’m obviously starting D-Will and Pierre. If come Sunday Barber or Jacobs is slated to play would you start Wayne over one of them?

Thanks guys you absolutely rule.

And Cecil…Hallowed be thy Name as bumper music was genius.

Hopefully, we can get your Pierre Thomas opinions online here early. I have Derrick Ward and Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore and need to start 1 or more. Is it worth the risk to wait until Sunday nite to take a chance on Ward. If I do and I am wrong then I have to go to Jamal Lewis. Is Lance Moore a WR1/WR2 this week?

How bout that win over them Cowboys?! Hopefully we can go down to Baltimore and beat the Ratbirds down there this Sunday for the 1st time since 2002.

1) Maybe youll answer this based on the other MB3 questions in here, but if he is declared to start on Sunday, do I still start him as my flex? I would hope he fully practices tomorrow, otherwise that makes me even more sketchy about putting him in Sunday. The game being at night doesnt help either with getting information prior to the early games. After being called out by Jerry Jones though, and this being a huge game for Dallas, I think he plays. I also heard he was held out more last week due to the calf moreso than his midget toe.

So should I start him over Bowe, Cotchery, Rhodes, and Choice in my flex??

If you basically cover what Im asking - is Rhodes a must start if Addai is declared out? Hes got a mighty juicy matchup vs DET and at this point, it looks unlikely the Addai will not play, especially considering the opponent.

Do I go Rhodes over the Barberion?

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I am in need of spiritual guidance from "The Orace" (Bloom) and "The Guru" (Cecil). I am in a very dark place since being bounced from the playoffs in one of my leagues thanks to owning Portis and Barber. A win this week in another league will bring me in off the ledge. I must know your prophecies on the following running backs. Since I am playing Forte tonight I must pick two.

Turner vs Tampa


Portis vs Cinci

Ward vs Dallas (If Jacobs does not play).

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Hey guys,

Thanks to you guys I made the playoffs in both my leagues. I am the first seed in one league and second in the other. Thanks for all of your great advice this year.

I need a little more advice regarding my lineup this week. I have to start 2 RBs from the following group:

M. Turner vs. TB

M. Forte vs. NO

T. Jones vs. Buffalo

M. Lynch @ NY Jets

S. Slaton vs. Tenn

I'm leaning towards Turner and Forte. I hate to overthink things like this, but who would you guys start?

Also, would you start DeSean Jackson over Jericho Cotchery this week?

Thanks again!

Heavy Metal rules!


I can feel the cranial heat coming from you guys tonight.

Best two WR's this week (Standard scoring plus .5 point per reception): Andre and whom?

Andre Johnson vs Tenn; Lee Evans @ NYJ; Eddie Royal @ Caro; Steve Breaston vs Minn;

Also, best D this week: Jets vs Buff, Miami vs SF; Cards vs Minn?

Thanks for steering me to the Cards last week.

Have a good week and thanks.

Just missed the championship bracket in my league despite what I consider the best (on paper) team I've assembled. See my sig for details of my team. Was second in overall scoring, but I went 1-4 down the stretch. I intend to tear up the consolation ladder and outscore the league the last two weeks to salvage some semblance of my dignity.

A big part of the reason I missed the playoffs is that I seem to have chosen the wrong two RBs to start each of the past several weeks. This week, I've once again got three great options for only two spots. Which TWO of these guys would you start:

ADP @ Cardinals
LT2 @ Chiefs
CJ3 @ TexansAwaiting the sage advice of the great Lammey, Bloom and Garda.

I'd also love to hear your input on a proposed league rule change to prevent owners from submitting incomplete line-ups.

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WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS DO???????????? START 2.....

Turner (at home) vs TB

yes, he is a stud....but plays a tough run def ...BUT Car burned them last week....urrgh

LT (away) vs KC

not the stud he once was BUT a nice match-up this week

Portis (away) vs Cin

injured, mouthing off....but things seem to be better between him and zorn....practicing pretty damn well this week and playing the Bungles

WHICH 2 TO START????????????????

I am in need of spiritual guidance from "The Orace" (Bloom) and "The Guru" (Cecil). I am in a very dark place since being bounced from the playoffs in one of my leagues thanks to owning Portis and Barber. A win this week in another league will bring me in off the ledge. I must know your prophecies on the following running backs. Since I am playing Forte tonight I must pick two.Turner vs TampaMJD vs GBPortis vs CinciWard vs Dallas (If Jacobs does not play).
"The Orace"? Is that like "The Orafice"? Or "The Oracle"?
I do a two hour radio show twice a month on KDNK public radio in Carbondale and I would like a request from each of you (Sigmund, Cecil and Andrew) to play this Sunday. It is an open format so it can be anything that won't get me in trouble with the FCC.

I have two lineup questions for this weekend:

MJD or Crazy Legs (Chris Johnson)

Keller or Cooley

Thanks Guys.....

PPR League.

Start 2 RBS.

My big 3 are Barber, MJD, and D. Williams.

Also have Choice and McFadden.

Your all important rankings have MJD and D. Williams as money plays with Barber around the 20th ranking.

Do I start MJD and D. Williams with confidence?

I know you can't bench D. Williams so it's between MJD and Barber.

Barber is coming off the injury but he's had a ton of rest like Brian Westbrook and Westbrook shredded the Giants last week. Both the Cowboys and Giants are coming off big losses, and my idiot self always believes in the folklore of Nationally televised night games. Who would you start in my shoes?


Win or go home from here on out...!

Is Lee Evans rosterable this week?

Will a Giants WR emerge this week and if so who? Toomer, Hixon, Smith.... Boss!

Grant or Ronnie Brown at RB this week and finally rank these WR3's;

Ginn vs SF

A. Gonzo vs DET

Randle El @ CIN

Hixon @ DAL

Chambers @ Chiefs


Ton of questions above so I'll make this short.

After last week's This Ma' Son debaucle, would you start any of the following in his stead: Tatum Bell, Maurice Morris or Tim Hightower? For what it's worth, almost no matter what you say, I'm not starting Hightower.


Coloradan Stuck in Texas


OK guys,

Appreciate the help last week with the recievers made it to the playoffs THANKS. Now to this weeks delima:

Need help at the RB position in a PPR.

Need 1

S. Jackson @ Seattle

T Choice @ NY (If he starts)

L. Washington @ Buf

I already missed out on starting P. Thomas tonight. Did I mention how much I'm starting to hate S. Jackson. Should I start Choice if he gets the start or should I go with S. Jackson to be safe.

Also I wouldn't normally ask about defenses but this being the playoffs would you start Indy (@ Detroit) or Tenn (@ Huston) .



One of my starting WRs is Marshall. But I'm considering starting Bess and Bowe in my PPR league semifinal game, and benching Andre Johnson because of his tough match-up angainst TENN.

Just maybe this is what my gut is telling me to do without really consulting my brain. So how bad a decision is this and is it something you could really consider doing?

Hey Sig and Cecil,

Thanks for answering my question about trading Royal for the 1.03 pick in the 2009 all rookie draft.

The team I would be trading with has also inquired about Braylon Edwards. Which one would be the smarter one for me to trade?

Also, I couldn't quite track the names you mentioned as possible running backs for the 1.03 pick. Could you give me the names here in the chat room?

Thanks again for all your help.


Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa

power back, explosive, runs behind his hips well, good pad level, power at the point of attack, always falling forward, efficient, no wasted steps. more quick than fast


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