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look at how many Cards free agents there are (1 Viewer)



—T Ian Allen is nothing more than a low-level backup.

—FB Obafemi Ayanbadejo is a two-year starter who is good receiver but fair blocker; moderate priority.

—FB Jarrod Baxter is a third-stringer; unlikely to be re-signed.

—DE Antonio Cochran was signed last year only because of widespread injuries; unlikely to be re-signed.

—C Billy Conaty was a fine fill-in when three other Cs went down; unlikely to be re-signed.

—DT Russell Davis is a long-time starter despite being a bit undersize; a high priority.

—G Adam Haayer is a decent depth player; likely to be re-signed.

—FS Quentin Harris is a backup but a young talent worth developing; likely to be re-signed.

—RB James Jackson was No. 4 back; could be re-signed depending on what others do.

—LB Eric Johnson is nothing more than a low-level backup.

—TE Teyo Johnson is nothing more than a low-level backup.

—DT Ross Kolodziej is a good backup who can start in a pinch; likely to be re-signed.

—WR Charles Lee is a fifth receiver; low priority.

—QB Josh McCown is a strong backup who has had good success as a fill-in starter, but is expected to test free-agency market; team likely would re-sign him if he is agreeable.

—DT Langston Moore was in the rotation when sidelined by injury for the season; could be re-signed.

—FB Harold Morrow is nothing more than a low-level backup.

—WR/PR J.J. Moses is nothing more than a low-level backup.

—RB J.R. Redmond missed the year to injury but can be a valuable third-down back; may be re-signed.

—WR/KR Reggie Swinton rarely played as a receiver and was high-average as a return man; may be re-signed.

—DE R-Kal Truluck was signed late in the year when injuries were taking a toll; not likely to be re-signed.

—CB Raymond Walls is a decent backup at area of shortage; likely to be re-signed.


—CB Dyshod Carter is a young developing player who now has intrigued two Cardinals coaching staffs but has not yet broken through for regular playing time.

—LB Gerald Hayes is the likely 2006 starter at middle linebacker after suffering an injury that wiped out 2005.

—DT Kenny King is a stud when healthy and could move back into the lineup if he gets past wrist problems that essentially shelved him the past two seasons.

—G Reggie Wells is a two-year starter but not a world-beater on a line that is likely to undergo a major makeover.


No wonder they're so far below the cap


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