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Low Tier Dynasty RBs (1 Viewer)

Country Boy

Our league rules limit roster spaces for our Franchise League and every year some teams cut low tier players to make a playoff push. Standard scoring, .5 pt PPR league  Some of the  RBs currently available are:

Gus Edwards - Small sample size but has been really productive of late.  Alex Collins in the mix, not sure of contract year.

Ronald Jones - I didn't like him much coming out of SC, passing on him to take Guice with the 1.10 in our rookie draft.  That said, I don't see a long term solution in Tampa and they use some draft capital on him.

Ito Smith - I believe Coleman is free after this year so will they increase his chances.  Love any RB that gets work in this offense.

Thoughts on who I could claim this week?  

Jones supposedly has the most talent even though it is yet to be seen. With Baltimore becoming pretty much a run only team and with Jackson taking over full time next year I would lean towards Edwards.


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