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lynch the main guy in buffalo? (1 Viewer)


looking for some info from bills homers.. i was able to see bits and pieces of the buff/sd game and everytime i saw the game.. inside the 20.. i always saw fred jackson in the game..... i saw on highlights that lynch ran in a 10 yarder or so though.. so was jackson in for rest or is this usual or just on passing downs?? does lynch get all the work or is he being spared and shared some time.. wish i would have been able to see all the game.. but saw alot of fred jackson.. any homers can chime in?? would be great

i'll try again... everytime one of the tvs switched to the bills/sd game.. i saw the bills on the 5 once.. and on the 14 the other.. both times lynch was on the sidelines and jackson was in.. that explain it better???? i assumed lynch was always in the game at this venture..but when i kept seeing jackson.. i was curious.. lynch wasnt in any carry inside the 5 when they threw the fade to evans...better????


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Yes, Lynch is the man.

Yes, Jackson has skills and will get some touches.

Yes, Lynch will get most goalines - but he is not the special/dynamic player so expect more consistency rather than high end upside, week to week. If the offense was a bit more prolific and less conservative, Lynch might really be a stud due to an extra shot or two at TDs though, but I dont see that happening this year.

I'm guessing you were watching the Red Zone channel like me. I was thinking the exact same thing. Every time they showed the Buffalo game Jackson was in. I was wondering if Lynch was hurt until they showed him score the TD later in the game.

I was also greatly disturbed seeing Jackson still in after the his carry to the two.

I was waiting for Lynch to replace him but he didn't. :P

seems they give Jackson some series to himself....and sometimes they run plays with both in the backfield

I say who cares if I can count on 90 yards combined and a TD ever week.

Lynch is the man. His nickname is The Beast. He gets the majority of the carries. Jackson is just in as a change of pace / break type of guy at points in the game. With the amount of physical energy Lynch throws at the D on most carries, it's bound to wear him down some during games. The Bills also want him healthy for the whole season, so it makes sense to rest him a series here or there.

lynch the main guy in Buffalo?
who is the main guy and what'd he do to you?sorry, couldn't resist. yes, marshawn is the main guy in Buffalo, but Jackson is going to get 30%-35% of the touches


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