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MAGA Scoreboard (1 Viewer)


Footballguy Jr.
I'd like a list of accomplishments by the current administration that have made America great again, this can be an official scoreboard:

- Sustained trillion dollar deficits

- Tax breaks for billionaires and corporations (although, according to Gary Cohn, I hear the average family pocketing $1,000 will now renovate their kitchen, buy a new car, take their family on vacation, & increase their lifestyle, because that’s what the tax plan will do. In case you forgot   :lmao:  .... My favorite part is the twitter quote underneath; Gary Cohn, who apparently last bought a car in 1905.)

- Deregulation for those who have proven to be the most irresponsible and greedy

- Renegotiating NAFTA, I think dairy might've had a win there (?). We're getting a new name on it too, I believe USMC or something similar?

- Pulled out of the TPP

- Taking on China with no help from allies 

- Longest shutdown on record

Please add your own, although, this isn't opinion or accusations about Russia or anything along those lines, just putting together a scoreboard for the current accomplishment this administration can put under it's belt. 

I'll add all good or bad to the scoreboard.

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