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Manti Teo - special player or special teamer (1 Viewer)


His season at ND seemed special until the bowl game, the catfishing thing and now is sub-par numbers at the combine. I bet a team will still take him low 1st or high 2nd due to his reputation as a leader; but is he really a special player or a special teamer

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I only really watch him in the Championship games. He seemed completely unable to cover the Bama tight end. You all know his issues tackling in the game. i am just not real impressed. His 40 speed indicates coverage issues. Maybe he can play in the middle of a 4-3. IDK.

Last year was rough for Manti Te'o.

The controversy and then he injured his foot and missed the first three games and was hampered by that injury all of last year but he wound up being a starter on a team that traded-up for him and played through his injury and in the season finale he racked up 10 combined tackles, his season high.

The Chargers would take him off the field on obvious passing downs but In spite of the rough start and injury and being a rookie he showed improvement in his pass defense as the year went on. At the end of last year it was reported that the Bolts wanted to see an improvement with his run defense/

This offseason he had surgery on his foot and he came in bigger and stronger.

He plays in a 3-4 and he was gettting pulled on 3rd downs last year but he should have improved numbers and he's no longer a rookie and he comes in bigger and stronger after coming off a year where he was trending-up at the end.

Don't know how much but I do anticipate an improvement and he might be worthy of plucking off some wires if he's available just in case he gets work on obvious passing downs or if he shows a bump in production.

Link to a nice read on his progress he's made:


Thanks for the update, Bracie. I've never been high on Manti, including last year, but one thing I have learned over the years is that it does not matter what I think, so I'll be watching his progress...at least one LB in San Diego has to score some points, right?

Regarding the original question... I think he's somewhere inbetween. I don't think he's an elite, special LB. I think he has LB2 type of upside but that's on the optimistic side. The progression he's made has been nice, but the scheme and some of his limitations put a damper on that upside.

If you can trick a Te'o owner into thinking his rookie season was his ceiling, grab him cheap. I'm still holding off in redraft formats until I see something tangible.

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How's his girlfriend doing?
more like "partner"
Manti Te'o proved that he is no special teamer so at minimum you might want to change the title of the thread.

I anticipate an uptick in his numbers just based on the fact he's not a rookie but add in he isn't hampered by a foot injury that kept him out the tirst three games of last year. Then he did show improved pass defense and is coming in bigger and stronger.

If you think suggesting he's gay is a slam or means he is weak/soft or something then ... sorry man. I mean for you and anyone who thinks like that.


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