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Last year was my 1st year playing in a max position league:

1) I didnt like it- it removed so much strategy

2) it made it easy for anyone to win the league and what happened. the easily least knowledgeable person won the league. made no sense, but maybe that was the fun of it.

Anyway, my question is, what do we all think is the best strategy in a league like this-

max of

2 qb - start 1

4 rb - start 2

4 wr - start 2

2 te - start 1

2 k - start 1

2 de - start 2

the commish who also knows little thinks this is a way to prevent hoarding. silly but his opinion. anyway. league is heavy scoring on qb and long tds in general.

my opinion:

load up on your 2qb 4rb 4wr early. that's about rounds 1-10 and then fill in with the final 6 spots. i guess you could grab a top 3 de & top 5 te.

does anyone like these leagues? what do you see as the best strategy?

Waiver wire is going to be active. Be ready to make trades and then find players on the waiver wire who are almost as good to replace what you just traded.

Why are you in the league?

Doesn't sound like you really enjoy it.

Take studs at each position early, its easier imo to find sleeper backs and receivers than tight ends or qb.

friends in it. more for banter. i also brought someone in to co-manage. it is designed for any random to win it.

Position limits only limit fun and strategy, they're for owners who are lazy to cover their asses. I'd join a league with better rules.


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