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McCoy for Julio? LEAVE LINK I'LL GET YOURS (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone,

I am currently 6-4 in a 12 team 1 PPR Redraft league.. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX(rb/wr/te), 1 K, 1 DEF, 5 bench roster. 

I receive:

Julio Jones and Sammy Watkins

He gets:

McCoy, Eifert and Hightower

His reasoning for the trade is: " You're going to the playoffs, and this way you'll have the top two players in fantasy football for the playoffs. "

My thoughts are do I NEED to make a deal? Would this help my team? Should I look at someone else on his roster to throw into the deal? 

Right now I'm thinking it could be fun to have Julio but do I want to give up McCoy who's having a killer year? Eifert is solid also.

Should I offer Graham instead of Eifert. I feel like position wise McCoy and Julio wash, even though I know Julio will score more week to week.


My team:

QB: Ryan, Palmer
RB: McCoy, Ajayi, Stewart, Rawls, Hightower
WR: Antonio Brown, Baldwin, Jefferey (Susp.), Hurns
TE: Eifert, Graham
DEF: Cowboys
K: Josh Lambo

His team:

QB: Cousins, Winston
RB: Hill, Blount, Ingram
WR: Julio, Cobb, Matthews, Meredith, Jordan Matthews, Corey Coleman, Watkins
TE: Kendricks
DEF: Cardinals
K: Tucker

Thanks fellas,



You have 2 top tes and with Rawls coming back could weatger losing mccoy  hightower is nothing for you. I would take the chance for julio.



Should I offer Graham instead of Eifert. I feel like position wise McCoy and Julio wash, even though I know Julio will score more week to week.
Isn't the point to score more points regardless of where they come from?  If you believe this to be true it seems like a no-brainer.  Now I know that there is other factors like who replaces McCoy at RB (you have solid options) and what WR is benched for Julio (with Jeffrey suspended and Hurns concussed seems like an easy choice) but overall this seems like an easy accept.



He's also open to the TE he receives being Eifert or Graham, FWIW.

I think I'd like to keep Eifert?



I'd do it as well. With Rawls coming back, you should be fine swapping McCoy for JJ

thanks for the help with mine


Pigskin Fanatic

i would not do this trade, you don't need it really.

(a) McCoy is the best RB on that roster even with what Ajayi is doing. Rawls would have a tough time matching McCoy's production. Prosise looked great Sunday night, he'll eat into the primary back's roll big time. (b) JJ has not been healthy. I own JJ and he's great every other week. Will this change? Has he healed fully? No idea. ABrown being arguably the top fantasy receiver in the league (with a healthy Ben), JJ is close second or third. But on a week to week basis, Baldwin is more than serviceable as a WR2 the way Wilson looks all of a sudden. Guess he's finally healthy. J Graham and Prosise may hurt his red zone targets I guess. (c) Hightower is a really really good safety valve. If Ingram gets dinged up, which is always a possibility (I have owned Ingram for years), you've already seen what he can do.

imo you're team isn't much better with the trade. giving up Eifert could hurt, too. if anything, i'd give up graham over eifert if you really really want JJ. But this is too expensive. my three cents.

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I stand pat, your team is balanced and you get points with every Julio score and Ryan still has good games when Julio doesnt.  Thanks.



I would make the trade.  Basically it is Julio for McCoy and I think that there is a greater chance that McCoy misses a game then Julio.   Your team is loaded and this would give you one more player who can win any week for you by himself (McCoy can too but I dont think his ceiling is as high at Julio's).

Also I would probably keep Eifert.   He was a target monster last year and I think Cinncinnati needs him to return to form for them to succeed again.  

Make the trade and ride with Julio and Eifert!

https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/751368-should-i-start-willie-snead-thurs-night/ (Your advice would be appreciated)



My initial reaction was to say No to the deal.

But I remembered that Eric Wood (starting Center for Bills) just went on IR, and while the starters for the Bills are pretty good, their depth isn't, so I wouldn't be as high on the value of McCoy as I would be based only on his numbers.

Then I also remembered that the Dolphins have 2 O-linemen out this week (and possibly longer), so Ajayi is not so attractive any more either.  Meaning your RB corps could suddenly look quite weak.

I think it would be better to package up just Hightower plus a TE and go for one receiver.  Or just look on WW.



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