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mccoy reception totals (1 Viewer)


Why do I keep hearing that Mccoy will put up great catch totals in Chip Kelly's offense? Chip really did not use his rb's too much out of the backfield while at Oregon so why is this expected to change in the nfl? L James only had 17,17,17 receptions in his 3 years there. Now I know D Thomas did put up 45 catches last year, but i believe he had less than 100 carries and was more of a wr/rb do everything player. If James never had more than 17 in any one year, why should I expect 55-60 from Mccoy? I'll most likely have a shot to take Mccoy but am nervous that these predictions don't really take into account how kelly actually used his players at oregon.

It's unclear. You're right that Kelly didn't really utilize the RB position at Oregon as a pass catching option to the same extent that Andy Reid did in Philly. Other than pointing that out, there's no real answer as to how Kelly will utilize the RBs as pass catchers in the NFL. He's probably going to incorporate some aspects of his Oregon offense, but obviously there will be major changes.

You might make an assumption, though, that with Maclin now out, Kelly will work to incorporate the RBs as much as possible within the design of his yet-to-be-seen NFL offense.

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any more thoughts on this? I think some might be overestimating mccoy's part in chips passing game plan.

I think McCoy will be solid and get 35-45 catches on the season but I too am not so sure that he'll rack up 55+. The RBs whom got the majority of carries tended to average 2-3 catches a game under Chip, making me believe that he prefers to widen the field via screens to the WRs or go vertical off PA to the WRs/TEs while keeping the RBs in to block.

2007: Jonathan Stewart had 22 catches in 13 games.

2008: Jeremiah Johnson had 8 catches.

2009: LaMicheal James had 17 catches in 13 games.

2010: LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner combined for 30 catches.

2011: LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner combined for 34 catches. (Mainly focused on guys who got a lot of carries)

2012: Kenjon Barner had 20 catches in 13 games.

I agree Dawn. Most of the projections have him at 55-70 catches and I don't understand where these projections are coming from other than a misunderstanding on how kelly uses his bellcow rb. I was hoping someone that has projected him with lots of receptions could explain why they expect it other than just a wild guess.

great point. There seems to be a leap of faith happening in the fantasy community. I would expect he'll get 30+, but they widespread opinion of 50+ is a bit confusing.


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