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MD R Us Good People thread (1 Viewer)


Lets give some shout outs to the people that make this all happen.

First to Twilight. Miss you bro

Second to Bass, who stepped in and kept it real

Those are both life time achievement awards.

Now to the here and now.

Hook- for loving the game and taking the time.

Now, the rest of you all look at your leagues and give some shout outs where they are due.


yudkin for the anarchy stuff...insane amount of work with little/no reward and a couple of d-bags in some of the drafts....

like the last guy getting bent and blaming it on the commish and the website for him having an illegal roster and it having to be changed.....instead of following the rules and keeping track himself....its the fault of the commish and the lack of "set up" that should have prevented him from doing it.....just says oops/thanks/my bad/thanks for catching it....

hook/bassbroncos...mad props....

all those that contribute to discussion....almost don't even need to look in the shark pool, etc cause of the fantasy insight in here...


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Thanks goes out to all the guys that commish these off season leagues. Doing the grunt work is easy compared to some of the issues these guys put up with (8 hour clock, owners, missed picks, etc.).

Also, thanks for the help most others put in posting draft picks from MFL, PMing owners, and updating draft threads. That team effort makes these off-season drafts a lot of fun and very informative to me. Glad I found these leagues last year. Drafting against knowledgeable owners is always a fun competition for me.


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