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In a PPR Dynasty what do you think about him? Showed nice hands as a receiver in last nights game (picked up more than forty receiving yards), showed some solid running against the steelers last week and it looks like he will jump the depth chart and be the rb3 with return duties as well. He also has been named giants.com extra effort player of the game. I was able to pick him up off of waivers, think he is worth a stash?


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New York Giants RB Michael Cox Hopeful to Make Team as 3rd Running Back
August 9th, 2013 at 11:30 AM
By Doug Rush

Four months ago, Michael Cox nearly went undrafted in April's NFL Draft, but with two picks left, one before the infamous "Mr. Irrelevant" spot, the New York Giants took Cox with their final pick.But Giants general manager Jerry Reese saw a lot of potential in Cox, who first attended and graduated from the University of Michigan, and then transferred to the University of Massachusetts, where he had 198 carries for 715 yards and five touchdowns in 2012 for the Minutemen. Reese saw a lot of great things of Cox in college that would translate well into the NFL, as he told Kieran Darcy of ESPN New York.

"You don't see a lot of production, but if you look closely at this guy, we are excited about him," Reese said at the time. "He is big, powerful, elusive guy with speed. He has got a lot of things that we like about him."

Listed at 6'0" and 220 pounds, Cox has a similar frame to Giants starting running back Andre Brown, who will share carries with the team's other starter, David Wilson, With Cox's size, strength and speed, he could vie for the third running back spot behind Wilson and Brown. In camp, Cox will have competition for the spot, as he will be competing with Da'Rel Scott and Ryan Torain for playing time and the spot on the team.

However, Torain suffered a concussion in Tuesday's practice and likely will not take the field when the team plays in its first preseason game at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the backups likely to see most of their playing time in the second half of the game, Cox is sure to see plenty of snaps and carries against the Steelers and could make an early impression on the coaches.

In the first couple of weeks at training camp, Cox has looked very impressive, even though he's currently listed as the team's number five running back on the team. Giants running backs coach Jerald Ingram thinks that with his abilities, Cox could do some special things on the field for the team if given the chance.

"He's a very talented young man," Ingram said earlier this week. "He has the ability to do certain things, but he has to, like all young running backs, they have to learn the system. You just can't toss them the ball and say, 'Go do this.' [it's] just like we went through a year ago with David in situations. He has to feel comfortable about learning our offense, and we're comfortable with him that we can trust him in most situations. But he does show us a lot of good talent out there right now."

It wouldn't be the first time for a seventh-round draft pick to make an impact and eventually, win a starting job on the team. Back in 2007, Ahmad Bradshaw was a seventh-round pick for the Giants and he was a key part of two Super Bowl championships and even scored the go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI that won the game for the Giants over the New England Patriots 21-17.

It could also be possible that the Giants decide to use a three-back set in their offense, which worked in 2007 and 2008 when the team had Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward, who were known as "Earth, Wind, and Fire." With those three, they combined to rush for over 2,300 yards in 2008 and lead the league that season in rushing for a team that went 12-4.

If Cox can use his size and speed for the Giants and focus on what he needs to do, he could end up beating out Torain and Scott for that third running back spot and give the Giants another dimension to their already explosive offense in 2013. http://www.sportsmedia101.com/newyorkgiants/2013/08/09/new-york-giants-rb-michael-cox-hopeful-to-make-team-as-3rd-running-back/
Depending on your roster size yes I think he is worth picking up for dynasty. For redraft he likely will not have any value unless Wilson or Brown get injured.

It is not sure that Cox wins the 3rd RB job yet either. He still has Ryan Torain ahead of him and it may stay that way this season while Cox plays special teams. This is a situation worth monitoring however. Andre Brown is a free agent after this season also I think.

What do you guys think he could become? Like a couple articles says maybe get in the rotation?

The Giants have a history of unearthing some solid RB gems. Bradshaw, Brown, Ward. Not world beaters, but productive at times. He's someone to keep an eye on, as Giants do seem to have an eye for offensive Talent (in addition to RBs, V. Cruz comes to mind)

New York Giants don’t believe Michael Cox is ready to replace David WilsonLast year in the season opener, running back David Wilson fumbled the ball on his second carry. This year in the season opener he fumbled twice and that effectively could of ended his time with the New York Giants. They want to see him on the field and witness his game-breaking ability, but he has made himself too much of liability to be on the field and trusted with the ball.

“They’re not going to play unless they can hang onto the ball,” a very upset Tom Coughlin said after the Giants’ six-turnover disaster, via the New York Daily News. “It’s demoralizing to the whole team.”

To bench him like they did last year might not be an option. Running back Andre Brown is out until Week 10 with a fractured leg and Da’Rel Scott had issues of his own after replacing Wilson. That only leaves Michael Cox on the roster, a seventh-round rookie, “whom the Giants don’t think is ready,” according to the NYDN.

That could have the Giants calling Beanie Wells or Jonathan Dwyer to replace him, both worked out for the Giants last week.

“It was a tough situation to be in,” Wilson said. “I’m just going to keep working hard. I’m at the bottom now. Nowhere to go but up.”

The problem with the kick returns is so many touch backs. Cox did return one kick for 26 yards. It was the only kick the Giants were able to return.

As far as Cox not being ready to play-

It seems to me from listening to the RB coach that the Giants have a system for training, bringing along their RB. It is not easy to earn their complete trust. That takes time.

If anyone has further information about Cox's pass protection abilities please share. When I have some more time I will try to add to this as well.

The kick returns are what initially got my attention. However given the Giants history of using multiple RB there may be a role for him as a runner as well at some point this season. So I do think he is worth rostering if you have a spot available for him, this would need to be deeper leagues though. In redraft short rosters he is still perhaps safe as a free agent, but less so after Wilson screwed the pooch.

I still expect Wilson to be the main RB. He is a very good player. There is room in this offense for another RB however. Scott is that guy right now, he has been with the team for some time and so further along in his development in the Giants system.

Still it is possible that Cox might get a role in the offense at some point. So worth further investigation.

I guess some 13 year olds think this guys name is funny. I wish they were. I have wasted a ton of time trying to find information about this guy and have had to read hundreds of posts of people who think they are pretty funny too. That is annoying. No wonder this guy remains somewhat of an unknown. Still coming up with nothing. I cannot read any more of these jokes right now.

Michael Cox Throws His Hat into the Ring for Third Down Back Role
05/10/2013 Posted by Patricia Traina Articles, Mini Camp
Seventh-round draft pick Michael Cox, a running back out of Massachusetts said he was ”sort of familiar” with David Wilson’s struggles last year to learn the pass blocking schemes so he could get on the field more.

And he sympathizes with Wilson’s plight.

“There’s a lot of material and everything to learn,” Cox said. “It’s definitely going to be a big adjustment, but I think I should be able to handle it.”

Cox knows that if he can master all that’s in the playbook, especially the pass blocking schemes that held Wilson, last year’s first-round pick off the field for most of the season, then he can get a leg up in the competition which includes veterans Ryan Torain and Da’Rel Scott for the team’s third-down back.

To make sure he’s ready for what promises to be one of the key battles in this summer’s camp, Cox said as soon as he got his playbook on Thursday night when the rookies reported for a meeting, he dove head-first into the material just as soon as the meetings ended.

“I was up so late last night just studying everything, but I think it’s going pretty good,” he said.

Cox noted that in the NFL, the pass blocking schemes are much more complex than what is typically run in college, largely because on one play, there might be many variations on how to block things up.

“Just learning all the different schemes and what we’re trying to run with certain plays and blocking,” he said of the challenge, acknowledging that, although everything went well for him in the first day, absorbing and retaining all the information was a bit overwhelming. “The first day is definitely tough, but I learned a lot last night and today.”

Such as?

“You have to have good technique when making your blocks,” he said with a smile.

Cox has been taking instruction from Giants running backs coach Jerald Ingram in this camp, and noted that he was looking forward to meeting the other Giants running backs so that he could enhance his knowledge of the playbook by joining their group film sessions.

By summer time, Cox hopes to have enough of a grasp of the team’s playbook so that his number gets called by the coaches not only on third downs, but also for an occasional touch or two.

“I’m a big, fast running back, and I can play and just help the team out,” he said of what he brings to the current running back group. “I definitely need to show (the coaches) a lot more though.” http://insidefootball.com/2013/05/10/michael-cox-throws-his-hat-into-the-ring-for-third-down-back-role/
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From a Die-hard Giant fan perspective: Don't pick up Cox.

The last time a rookie RB actually saw some serious time was Bradhshaw in '07 weeks 15-17 and Wilson last year (mainly on KR duty).

...oh, and the Giants once strted a rookie RB...I believe his name was Ron Dayne :cool:

If looking for a flier on the Giants stick with Scott, and pay very close attention to who they sign today/tomorrow. Willis Mcgahee and Brandon Jacobs are in for workouts


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