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Michael Roberts TE Lions (1 Viewer)

Football Jones

Anybody stashing Roberts in dynasty leagues? He's a deep stash, but Roberts is a real weapon in the RZ because of his size, hands, quickness, & ability to box out defenders. Roberts was a RZ monster in college. His 3-cone is sick for a 265-pound TE & he's got blocking upside so the potential is there to stay on the field on all downs.

Roberts missed a few weeks due to injury, but he's got 3 TDs on 4 catches so far this season. He came back in week 7 & scored a couple TDs & played in 30% of the snaps. While Roberts is mainly a RZ threat right now, I believe he's got the ability to eventually win the starting gig.

Roberts isn't a bad stash. At the very least, hold & see what happens the next few games. Roberts has a high enough ceiling to where I'll likely consider him a legit stash (keep until next season) if he keeps showing upside. Nice situation & Roberts doesn't have a ton of competition.

You could do a lot worse for your last roster spot considering TE isn't nearly as stacked as the other positions. Any thoughts?

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He was a promising 4th round pick a couple years back after 16 TDs at Toledo his senior year. He's a pretty fluid athlete for his size as you mention in the mold of (ironically) Ebron, but he's been fairly slow to develop which isn't unusual for the position. After the Lions shed Ebron and his attitude/drops issue, the door was wide open for Roberts to make a big push for playing time in training camp but reportedly regressed badly falling to third on the TE depth chart heading into this season.

He's known as a pretty capable blocker too so it's conceivable to think he's a legit every down player in the making. 

Perhaps the pieces are falling into place for him finally. To be seen still. This is a Quinn draft pick so he'll get every opportunity to win the job if he's ever ready. With Golden Tate probably heading out via FA, there will be some significant targets up for grabs in 2019.

Roberts is actually similar to Rico as far as a stash.

Last spot on your roster type guy where you can play around & try to hit on somebody. 

Many of my hits have come doing just that. No risk other than rostering Roberts so it's a good risk-to-upside ratio which I love in dynasty leagues. You can also cut bait at anytime.

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The Detroit Lions traded TE Michael Roberts to the Patriots in exchange for a 2020 conditional seventh-round pick, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

A fourth-round pick in 2017, Roberts owned the size and red-zone production in college to project as a potential TD weapon. That potential never materialized in Detroit.

"Good competition in the (TE) room right now, so we had an opportunity to move on from Mike and hopefully get something in the future for it," Lionscoach Matt Patricia said when asked about the team's decision to deal Roberts.

Injuries hindered the 6-foot-6, 265-pound tight end from ever actualizing his talent. In two seasons with the Lions, Roberts compiled just 13 receptions for 146 yards and three touchdowns. The TE showed promise last offseason, but injury derailed that progress, and he ended up playing just eight games in 2018.

The Lions targeted tight end upgrades this offseason, making T.J. Hockenson a top-10 pick and signing Jesse James to a big contract. Detroit also added Logan Thomas and seventh-rounder Isaac Nautathis offseason.

Roberts was reportedly running as the fourth TE during Lions' offseason workouts, and given the compensation was probably a long-shot to make the roster out of training camp.

The 25-year-old now joins a Patriots roster trying to piecemeal production to replace Rob Gronkowski. New England's TE room includes Benjamin Watson (suspended four games), Matt LaCosse, Stephen Anderson, Ryan Izzo, Andrew Beck, and Roberts. After releasing Austin Seferian-Jenkins due to personal reasons, it's clear the Pats are throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks in an effort help replace one of the greatest mismatch advantages in NFL history.

Roberts has struggled as a blocker -- though did show slight improvements before injury struck last season -- and didn't produce as a pass-catcher in limited time. His injuries and lack of development were one reason Detroit completely overhauled the TE room this offseason. He now heads to New England where he should get more opportunities to show growth, at least until Watson returns.

If Roberts turns out to make a fraction of the impact the last flier the Patriots took on a washed-out Lions draft pick (Kyle Van Noy), New England will be pleased.

Rotoworld take:

Patriots acquired TE Michael Roberts from the Lions in exchange for a 2020 seventh-round pick.

The pick is reportedly conditional. A fourth-round pick in 2017, Roberts caught just 13 passes in two years with Detroit and ended last season on injured reserve with a shoulder issue. He did score 16 touchdowns his final year in college, however, and offers good size and reliable hands. He could push Matt LaCosse for snaps during Ben Watson's suspension.


Detroit Lions

SOURCE: Detroit News

Jun 13, 2019, 8:51 AM ET
Lions waived TE Michael Roberts.

It was reported Thursday that New England had acquired Roberts from Detroit for a seventh-round pick in 2020, but the deal fell through after he failed his physical. Regardless, his tenure with the Lions is over. The 2017 fourth-rounder snared nine-of-20 targets for 100 yards and three touchdowns over 159 offensive snaps last season.


Detroit Lions

, New England Patriots

SOURCE: detroitlions.com

Jun 14, 2019, 4:08 PM ET
What you tell your home inspector when you find out you bid over asking for a house that didn’t have any other offers.

What you tell your home inspector when you find out you bid over asking for a house that didn’t have any other offers.
I just picked this guy up, dropping Ameer Abdullah for him. What a waste.

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A steal for the lions. They could turn that 7th round pick into their next long snapper.
Oh, you joke wiseguy but next year they could have used that 7th rounder on their next Isaac Nauta. Never mind the fact that Michael Roberts was their LAST Isaac Nauta.

(Who am I kidding? Nauta. Sweeney. Wilson. Mack. They were all on my radar in the middle of the 7th. Just didn't expect any of them to get drafted by DET is all.)

Packers signed TE Michael Roberts.

Initially thought to be heading to the Patriots for a seventh-round selection before he failed his physical, Roberts will now land with the Packers off waivers in a crowded tight end room behind Jimmy Graham and promising third-rounder Jace Sternberger. Oft-injured early in his career, the 2017 fourth-rounder hauled in a mere nine catches for 100 yards and three scores last season. Green Bay also recently added former Jags TE Pharoah McKever.


Detroit Lions

, New England Patriots

SOURCE: Dov Kleiman on Twitter

Jun 17, 2019, 5:04 PM ET
Yep. Useless and another strike for you
What's your problem? You have some sort of issue with me, LOL.

I explained my rationale, results, etc, but in case you missed it, hitting on fliers has helped me be extremely successful in this hobby.

If you're going to rag me on the misses, ok, but I've proven taking fliers on the right guys can work. You don't have to hit on a high percentage to make a huge difference to your team because of the small footprint (or cost-to-upside ratio).

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