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what do the sharks think? Porter didn't look all that good tonight dropping a key 3rd down pass. I know Walker was inactive but that could be due to having missed practice time this week due to personal issue and not because of injury. And last time Walker played MNF i believe, he had a breakout game and he could be Garrard's main target in weeks 14-16 (at CHI, GB, IND) - tough defenses to pass on especially GB/IND. So is he worth a stash?

Based on how bad the offense looks in JAX, I'd pass. Dynasty, yes, but I can't see him starting FF wise this season.

Walker did look good earlier this season, but his injury opened the door for Matt Jones to cement the go-to role. It may not be that easy for Walker to develop as we expected as long as the team keeps Jones around.

This team is dying for an offensive playmaker at WR or TE. Jones has made himself into a decent WR, but thats really about it. He's decent. The MNF crew said it last night. Jacksonville is the only team in the NFL with zero passing plays where the ball is in the air for 30 yards or more.

Walker has the potential to be a true #1 WR. He's just been hurt consistently. Unfortunately, that may be the story of his career. He's running out of time to get it together.

REGGIE>>>REGGIE! This poor SOB is called a bust and all he does is catch passes when they are thrown to him.


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