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Mobile, Alabama - Advice Needed (1 Viewer)


I've always wanted to see the Senior Bowl in person and the wife has given me the green light.  Flying in from Seattle and will be there all week for practices and the game on Saturday.  

Looking for advice on places to eat (love bbq and seafood), drink (love microbrews) and any other fun things to do (I enjoy the outdoors, historical museums, etc).  

I will be staying off Church St. in the business district and will have a rental car.

Any recommendations from the locals are much appreciated.

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Passed thru Mobile for business and loved Serda’s coffee, they have coffee ice cubes!!  Sylvia’s Biscuits and Poboy?  also, the royal scam.  

Was there as part of a week long trip with my son seeing a bunch of military themed places.  Here's what we did and what we thought about them...  I'm sure locals will have better advice, but this is what I've got :)

In and around Mobile

  • USS Alabama - spent a good part of the day there.  Good history lesson and interesting to walk the ship.
  • Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - we played a Par 3  course that was gorgeous and about a half hour from Mobile
  • Carnival (Mardi Gras) Museum - spent about an hour (maybe 2?) VERY small museum but interesting history of America's oldest Mardi Gras (they claim the New Orleans folks learned from them)
  • We stayed at the Admiral (I think) right in downtown, walking distance from restaurants
  • We ate at Felix's Fish Camp Restaurant right on the highway.  It was very good and on the water.  I'm sure it is a tourist trap, but this tourist liked it.
You are also an hour from Biloxi and an hour from Pensacola (in opposite directions).  Biloxi is home to Jefferson Davis' retirement estate and a bunch of casinos.  Pensacola has the Naval Aviation museum and is a beach town for sure.  We enjoyed both places.

Drive to New Orleans. Nobody stays in Mobile intentionally.  That City is comprised of people that broke down on I10 and couldn't find a way home.
Sadly this isn't too far off.  Not a hugely scenic city.  If you have the time drive to Dauphin Island, hit up the Estuarium, take the ferry and visit Fort Morgan along with some of the best beaches in the world.    Then drive over to Florabama and get lit.

I know it looks like it should be pronounced MOE-b'l, but they pronounce it moe-BEEL.


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