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Monday Morning-Observations and Questions (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

-The Jets rolled thru the Chicago Bears at home with a back up QB, some could argue it's their 3rd string Quarterback and yet they looked very functional and perhaps the best since they suffered a devastating injury to a key member of their offense, and it might not be the guy you're thinking, this OL has sustained some major hits along the way as well.

They've gone from 6-2, we're all talking them up on Playoffs and then they drop 2 games and many felt like they could finish 7-10 at the rate they were going.
Now they stop the bleeding, now they're 7-4 and nipping at the heels of the Bills and Phins, arguably the best defense of all 3 teams, in fact it might not be arguable.

Give the Jets some serious props for looking like an NFL team yesterday on offense, cannot imagine Wilson taking back the starting spot this season barring White's availability for the ROS.
A QB rental for 1-2 yrs in the off season with a win now defense, draft capital, we cold be talking about a major green wave. They also have not 1 but 2 really good young WRs that could easily be a Top 5 combo, they compliment each other wonderfully and you saw that yesterday vs the Bears.

Yes, a Miami fan gushing over what he saw with the Jets yesterday, it's scary if they can put 20+ up consistently each week, they gotta chance to beat almost anyone. on AGS.

-Cincinnati won a very important game yesterday vs Tennessee where Baltimore dropped a road game vs an upstart JAX team that hasn't been able to secure many wins but might have had a career changing arc for young Trevor Lawrence who took some abuse in that game, showed a lot of toughness. The same toughness we saw in Joe Burrow who was a little short handed without Chase and still managed to win a very tough Playoff level road game vs the Titans..

Baltimore is now 7-4, Cincinnati 7-4, Tennessee 7-4, NY Jets 7-4, all some have flaws but look impressive when they get decent QB play. I think when Chase returns that the bengals will go up a full notch on offense. Titans and jets will not get a lot better on offense where the Ravens and Bengals seem like they are missing a piece or two that is expected to return in coming weeks.

-The Chargers win a somewhat entertaining game although it left me feeling that neither team was a true Playoff contender or were going anywhere should they back in. The Chargers are 6-5 but I don't think they are going to beat most of the teams I sifted thru in the AFC, and I didn't even mention the Bills who played on Thanksgiving.

Both the Chargers and Patriots seem like they are on a collision course for about 9-8 and that's going to leave them a little short of the others.
I'm going to roll over to the NFC

-How bout them Cowboys? Beat 2 quality teams in about a 4-5 days span with the thumping of the Vikings 40-3, then they beat up the Giants pretty good on Thanksgiving. I think OBJ would be perfect on this team but others can disagree, perfect Playoff bound team for him to snag one of the 3 starting WR spots and give defenses something else they have to think about. Overzealous flight attendants don't sway me from pointing out the obvious here, should be a match made for Stars.

-Philly scored 40 points, a back up QB they didn't plan on window dressed a 40-33 game that wasn't that close, Philly had an impressive long drive in the 4th that ate up a lot of clock. They are still getting better each week, that's kinda scary when you think about it. Also it should be noted that despite new coaches and a lot of new players, this organization just won a Super Bowl 6 years ago, it's not like they are new to winning or have never come close so spare me the "gotta prove it in the Playoffs" because I can sing that tune about almost any of them.

-The Vikings are a lock to win their division at this point, they just need to be healthy and ready to take on what is likely a very punchy and cagey No 7 seed in the NFC where they are likely to face San Fran/Seattle, maybe the Giants if they start to free fall which actually would be a good match up for them. But if they somehow draw Dallas or SF, could be lights out quickly. And then Tom Brady might await but is anyone sweating the Bucs this year? I still think they won't make it and finish 7-10.
Bucs 5-6
Falco 5-7
Caro 4-8
Saint 4-8

That is one ugly division.

-Seattle is not better than San Fran, I don't know that to be a fact but I just know it's true.

Josh Jacobs has now had 4 monster games this season, 30+ for a RB is outstanding,
Zay Jones has 24 targets in the last 2 games for JAX and is rostered in only 50% of leagues, I also think Etienne sustained an injury so there might be a lot of targets to go around in coming weeks for the Jags
Samaje Perine, sounds like an Italian gelato flavor, another solid job filling in vs a tough Titans team, is Mixon an automatic start for Cinci next week or do they want to rest him one more time? They are going to need him for the Playoff run and having two reliable RBs makes them a more complete offense.

What did you see and hear on Sunday?

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Nice write-up on the Jets. They were kind of sleepwalking in that first quarter, thinking they could push around the Bears without Fields. But it was almost like you could sense that they became aware of that and self-corrected and really turned up the heat. The Bears were a classic trap game between the Patriots and the Vikings, so it was good to see the Jets really push after starting out flat. They also do a lot of little things that let you know they are well coached. I saw at least two times Bears players tried to goad a Jet into a chippy/smack talk thing and the Jet players just walked away toward the huddle.

Packers D just can't tackle anybody, and Jordan Love looks like a completely different player to me. The last time I saw him he was looking around like a doe sipping water by a creek. Last night he looked very confident and in command (he had this "it's about damned time" aura about him).

Zeke's not done, and I really hope the Cowboys find a way to pay Pollard and keep him there. Those two are the perfect compliments to each other.

Feel bad for Wan'Dale Robinson, it looked like it finally clicked between him and the coaching staff on how he should be used before his knee went kaboom. (Seemed like they really missed what he brings to the table)
Week 12 rapid reactions

Week 12 Snap Counts

1pm games:

Bears 10, Jets 31
  • Mike White (Kings stay kings). The Jets new quarterback delivered BIG. 22-28 for 315 yards and 3 TDs.
  • Garrett Wilson benefitted the most catching 5 balls for 85 yards and two TDs (29% target share).
  • Elijah Moore also scored (2 targets).
    No other Jet has more than 3 targets besides Wilson: Tyler Conklin (3), Zonovan Knight (3) and C.J. Uzomah (3).
  • Zonovan Knight (kickoff returner) took over as the lead back after an injury to Carter... Rushed 14 times for 49 yards with 3 catches for 34 yards.
  • Ty Johnson scored.
  • But based on Knight's committee background from his NC State days... I'd bet we are getting a three-headed committee if Michael Carter misses time.
  • James Robinson was a healthy scratch in Week 12
  • David Montgomery totaled 14 carries for 79 yards (5.6 ypc) and caught 3 passes for 34 yards (4 targets). 62% opportunity share.
  • Darrynton Evans operated as RB2, with 9 carries for 34 yards along with 1 catch for 33 yards.
  • Cole Kmet led the Bears with 6 targets, but finished with just 3 for 27.
  • Chase Claypool was second with 5 targets and finished with a team-high 51 receiving yards on 2 catches.
  • Darnell Mooney was not targeted after leaving with an injury. Feared to be season-ending.
Texans 15, Dolphins 30
  • Jeff Wilson Jr. came through rushing 13 times for 39 yards with 1 rushing TD. He was also targeted thrice. However he did go into the locker room at one point with a leg injury. He did return later on. Myles Gaskin was next man up.
  • Tyreek Hill: 6-85 on 9 targets
  • Jaylen Waddle: 5-85 on 10 targets
  • Duo combined for 50% of team's target share.
  • Nico Collins led Texans with 9 targets (24% target share) finishing 6 for 44.
  • Jordan Akins was TE1 for the Texans, catching all 5 targets for 61 yards and 1 TD. Fumbled.
  • In full blowout fashion, Dameon Pierce carried the ball 5 times for 8 yards. However, he did see 6 targets (3 for 8).
  • Dare Ogunbowale got first carry of the game and didn't touch the ball until middle of the 3rd quarter when he punched in a goal-line TD down 30-0.
Bengals 20, Titans 16
  • Tee Higgins continues to dominate. Team-leading nine targets (tied with Hayden Hurst, 25%) for 114 yards and 1 TD on 6 catches.
  • Hurst caught 6 for 57.
  • Tyler Boyd disappoints again...2 for 16 on 4 targets.
  • Samaje Perine delivered in relief for Joe Mixon, rushing 17 times for 58 yards and 1 TD. Also added 7 targets (4-35). 21 total touches. Other Bengals RBs combined for 3.
  • Derrick Henry bottled up: 17 for 38 on the ground, but totaled 79 receiving yards on 3 catches (3 targets). Fumbled into the end zone.
  • Treylon Burks led the team with 6 targets (tied with Nick Westbrook-Ikhine), catching four for 70 yards. Burks recovered the fumble for a TD.
  • Rookie tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo finished with 5 targets, more than Austin Hooper (4). Went 3 for 35. Robert Woods. 6 targets. 2 catches for 16 yards. Woof.
Falcons 13, Commanders 19
  • Starter Brian Robinson Jr. carried the ball 18 times for 105 rushing yards (5.8 ypc) and scores a 14-yd receiving TD (2 for 20 on 3 targets).
  • Antonio Gibson has just 9 carries for 32 yards and caught all 3 of his targets for 22 yards.
  • Curtis Samuel totaled four carries for 13 yards and totaled zero targets.
  • Jahan Dotson with 1 target.
  • Terry McLaurin remained WR1 with 6 targets for 48 yards (27% target share).
  • No. 2 tight end John Bates was second in targets (4) and scored on 1 of his 3 catches for 24 yards.
  • Tyler Allgeier and Cordarelle Patterson each earned 11 carries for 50-plus rushing yards. But C-Patt saw his best receiving usage since Wk 1 with 5 targets (3-19). Totaled 14 touches for 71 yards.
  • Without Kyle Pitts, Olamide Zaccheaus led the Falcons with 8 targets: 5 for 91
Broncos 10, Panthers 23
  • D'Onta Foreman delivers once again in positive game script. 24 carries for 113 rushing yards.
  • Chuba Hubbard even got more involved with 17 carries for 65 yards. Neither were targeted. Raheem Blackshear saw the 2 RB targets.
  • D.J. Moore has LIFE with Sam Darnold at quarterback. 4 for 103 receiving yards on a team-high 6 targets (35% target share).
  • Latavius Murray led the Broncos backfield with 13 carries for 92 yards, with 1 catch on 1 target. 78% opportunity share. Marlon Mack saw two carries.
  • Kendall Hinton led the Broncos with 9 targets, catching 5 for 35.
  • Courtland Sutton posted 8 targets, hanging 6 for 75.
  • Greg Dulcich with just 2 for 11 on 3 targets. Had a TD-grab wiped off due to penalty. Brandon Johnson would eventually score.
Buccaneers 17, Browns 23 (OT)
  • Big Day for Chris Godwin. 12 for 110 receiving yards on a team-high 13 targets (31% target share).
  • Mike Evans saw 9 targets, but caught just two passes for 31 yards. Woof.
  • Rachaad White started in place of Leonard Fournette and was the RB1. Caught all nine of his targets for 45 yards and added 14 carries for 64 yards. Totaled 23 touches for 109 yards.
  • An elite 85% opportunity share with Ke'Shawn Vaughn seeing just 4 carries for 15 yards.
  • Nick Chubb: 26 carries for 116 yards and 1 TD. Kareem Hunt: 6 touches
  • Amari Cooper: Home sweet home. 7 for 94 on 12 targets (33% target share).
  • David Njoku made one of the best one-handed TD grabs I've seen. Finished with 5 catches for 29 yards on 7 targets.
  • Donovan Peoples-Jones duded out (2 for 16), while rookie David Bell posted another 6-target outing.
  • Add Bell off waivers. Deshaun Watson comes back next week.
Ravens 27, Jaguars 28
  • Gus Edwards back to Ravens RB1. He dominated the touches over other Ravens RBs with a 81% opportunity share. Gus Bus totaled 16 carries for 52 yards and scored.
  • Justice Hill had 1 carry for 3 yards, Kenyan Drake 2 carries for 2 yards (1 target).
  • Mark Andrews: 4 for 50 on 7 targets
  • Josh Oliver second with 6 targets: 4 for 76 and 1 TD with no Isaiah Likely.
  • Demarcus Robinson: 4 targets. 1 catch for 17 yards.
  • Devin Duvernay saw most WR targets (5) and had 2 carries.
  • Zay Jones with a MONSTER GAME. 11 catches for 145 yards on a team-high 14 targets.
  • Christian Kirk with only 4 for 46 on 9 targets.
  • Big Day for Trevor Lawrence: 321 passing yards and 3 TDs, including winning TD to Marvin Jones and 2-pointer to Zay Jones.
  • JaMycal Hasty filled-in for an injured Travis Etienne, totaling 17 touches for 28 receiving yards and 28 rushing yards. Caught all 5 of his targets including a 28-score.
  • Will be high waiver wire target if ETN if is out extended time. Etienne says he will be fine, FYI
4pm games:

Chargers 25, Arizona Cardinals 24
  • Have a day James Conner. 25 carries for 120 yards along with 3 catches for 20 yards and 1 receiving TD. 28 total touches, while the other Arizona RBs combined for 3 touches.
  • Marquise Brown made his return to the lineup off the short-term IR and led the team with 8 targets. Caught 6 balls for 46 yards.
  • DeAndre Hopkins saw fewer targets (6), but caught 4 for 87 and 1 score.
  • Robbie Anderson and Trey McBride each saw 3 targets.
  • Austin Ekeler led the Chargers with a whopping 15 targets catching 11 for 60 yards.
  • He also rushed just 5 times for 20 yards. Joshua Kelley and Isaiah Spiller split back-up duties with 2 carries each. Kelley saw more targets (3).
  • Second in targets was No. 4 WR DeAndre Carter, with 10. Went 7-73-1.
  • Keenan Allen and Josh Palmer each saw 7 targets and caught 5 passes. Allen scored.
  • Gerald Everett only caught 4 of his 4 targets for 18 yards. But hauled in a 2-point conversion to win the game.
Saints 0, 49ers 13
  • Brandon Aiyuk remains WR1 in SF. Team-leading 8 targets for 5 catches and 65 receiving yards (22% target share).
  • Jauan Jennings was second with 7 targets, catching 6 for 49 and 1 TD.
  • Deebo Samuel also earned 7 targets, but caught only 3 for 43 yards.
  • Alvin Kamara rushed 7 times for 13 rushing yards, but salvaged a fantasy day with 6 for 37 receiving on 7 targets (23% target share). Two lost fumbles.
  • Taysom Hill (6 for 13 with 2 targets) and Mark Ingram (4 for 10 with 1 target) were both inefficient versus a stout 49ers run defense.
  • Chris Olave led Saints with 9 targets (5-62). Nobody else saw more than 4 (Jarvis Landry).
  • Christian McCaffrey finally out-rushed Elijah Mitchell in carries (11 vs 7) because the latter left with a MCL injury.
  • CMC added four for 17 as a receiver on 6 targets, vs Mitchell's two targets.
  • Mitchell also still rushed for more yards (35 vs 32).
Rams 10, Chiefs 26
  • Isiah Pacheco's run as the Chiefs RB1 continues. 22 carries for 69 yards and 1 TD. Also added a catch for 17 yards.
  • Jerick McKinnon saw more work as a receiver (6 targets) but had zero carries.
  • Ronald Jones compiled just 5 touches.
  • Van Jefferson led the Rams with 7 targets. Caught 3 for 29 yards and scored.
  • Tyler Higbee did not record a target.
  • Rookie Kyren Williams led Rams backfield in carries (11) and targets (3) over Cam Akers.
  • Akers went 8 for 37 as a rusher with zero targets.
Raiders 40, Seahawks 34
  • Josh Jacobs GOD mode. 33 carries for 229 yards (86-yard TD) and two rushing TDs. 6 for 75 as a receiver on 7 targets.
  • Zamir White came in for 2 carries only when Jacobs got tired.
  • Ameer Abdullah saw 3 targets, catching 3 for 39 and 1 TD.
  • Davante Adams: 7-71 on team-high 11 targets
  • Mack Hollins: 4-63-1 on 5 targets
  • Foster Moreau also earned 7 targets, but only caught 3 for 33 yards. But at least he scored!
  • DK Metcalf ended with a 41% target share (15) catching 11 for 90 yards.
  • Tyler Lockett saw less volume (7 targets) but went 3-68-1.
  • Kenneth Walker totaled 15 touches (1 catch, 14 rushes for 26 yards) but scored two rushing TDs. Still handled 75% of the backfield opportunities.
Observation: GB Rush D really stinks.

If Fields is indeed healthy this week or at least active, I think you have to roll with him after what Hurts did.
My observations:

Garrett Wilson could be a league winner for teams as long as the NYJ does not go back to Zach Wilson.
PHI is going to be tough out in the playoffs.
Two RBs that I was so wrong about preseason - Josh Jacobs and Miles Sanders. Both are going to be on a lot of championship teams this year.
Zeke is not done, and Pollard is going to be a boom/bust RB2 ROS. DAL will also be a tough out in the playoffs with the way they run the ball and play good defense.
Nice comeback performance by MIN after getting embarrassed by DAL. Cousins actually looked good in prime time against a good NE defense.
SF is a good NFL team but frustrating for fantasy owners.

And last.......Christian Watson is good.
I just have a question. Why isn't Hackett fired yet?

Arizona is 5-13 since Week 13 of last year.

They’ve lost 11 of their last 12 home games.

Kliff Kingsbury - who has the same agent as Kyler Murray - was extended through 2027 in the off-season. In ten seasons as a head coach in college and the NFL, he’s had a winning record 3 times.
  • 2019 - 3-3-1 start, went on to lose seven of their final nine games
  • 2020 - 5-2 start, dropped six of their final nine games
  • 2021 - 7-0 start, improved to 10-2, lost five of its last six games
  • 2022 - 2-2 and 3-4 start, have lost four of their last five (six of their last eight)
Fewest second half points allowed since Week 8

49ers 0*
Jets 26
Chiefs 27
Patriots 27
Saints 32

*hol’up wait a minute wat


Stefon Diggs’ TD reception with 2:49 left on Thanksgiving was just the Bills 2nd second half touchdown since Week 6

It was the first second half TD accounted for by Josh Allen during that six week span
I just have a question. Why isn't Hackett fired yet?

Arizona is 5-13 since Week 13 of last year.

They’ve lost 11 of their last 12 home games.

Kliff Kingsbury - who has the same agent as Kyler Murray - was extended through 2027 in the off-season. In ten seasons as a head coach in college and the NFL, he’s had a winning record 3 times.
  • 2019 - 3-3-1 start, went on to lose seven of their final nine games
  • 2020 - 5-2 start, dropped six of their final nine games
  • 2021 - 7-0 start, improved to 10-2, lost five of its last six games
  • 2022 - 2-2 and 3-4 start, have lost four of their last five (six of their last eight)
His extension was a head scratcher. Those season collapses are partially injury related but much of the blame still has to go to Cliff.

That being said, I'd take him over Hackett any day.

Side note: I think Murray is gonna be QB 1 in fantasy the rest of the year with Hollywood back.
I'll add my 2 cents...and then some, I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff, as I'm a redzone watcher.

Det/Buf-I think its time to start talking about Amon-Ra St. Brown as a top 5-10 NFL WR. He does everything so well. He's basically Cooper Kupp...with Jared Goff. Lions should have won this game, and I'm a little worried about the Bills D, especially pass D. Von Miller and Micah Hyde were arguably the 2 best players on that defense. Not expecting Miller until playoff time.

Dal/NYG-I said it in the Lamb thread, but if you take out the Cooper Rush games, Lamb is on pace for 105-1500-10. He's clearly proven he's a true #1 WR. Personally, I think Dallas should be avoiding OBJ. I could see him being a problem in the locker room, and frankly, I'm not sure he's anything more than a mediocre WR at this point. I doubt he's better than Gallup.

Min/NE-Mac Jones had his best game of the season, but committed 3 pretty big errors down the stretch, that arguably cost NE the game. I'm getting some Mayfield vibes from Jones, where he just seems to have the worst timing for bad plays. It seemed like the Pats made a big effort to shut down Dalvin Cook, but he also seems quite a bit less explosive then in years past. I'll echo what many others have, the Vikings seem nowhere near as good as their record and probably are a tram I'd want to face on the playoffs.

NYJ/Chi-As a Bears fan, I'm gonna be that guy. Nice game by Mike White, but I'd slow way down on thinking the Jets are suddenly going to be a good offense. Bears have probably the worst D in the NFL, they have zero pass rush, and while the secondary is ok/good, it was down 3 starters once Jackson went down in the 2nd quarter. We saw White have a really great game and a quarter last year, and have 2 other games where he looked like the worst QB in the NFL. This has a Taylor Heinicke vibe to me, where the team is probably better with him than Wilson, but I don't think they are good. As for the Bears, this game is a reminder that Justin Fields is a franchise QB, I hope he's back next week, cause the Bears are hard to watch without him.

Car/Den-Who had Sam Darnold outduels Russell Wilson on their bingo card before the season? So Denver would be 9-2 if they scored just 20 points in every game this season. They might have the best defense in the NFL, but man, this hurts to watch. I think its more Hackett than Wilson, but its clear that he isn't the same guy he was even 2 years ago. Seattle currently has the #3 pick in the draft.

Bal/Jax-Pretty epic choke job by the Ravens here. Had no business losing this game. Great call by Doug Pederson to go for the win instead of the tie, more teams should do that. I thought Lamar looked fine, he just has very little help. Andrews had some bad drops, including a TD I would have caught, and none of the WRs really do much of anything, D-Jax got deep on a key play, but he's obviously not someone I'd want to rely on. Sounds like Travis Etienne is fine and could have re-entered the game at any point. That's good to hear, as he's been one of the funnest players to watch this season. Hasty played well in his absence, but he's no threat to his job.

TB/Cle-Who had Jacoby Brissett outduels Tom Brady on their preseason bingo card? Brissett has honestly played pretty well this year and may have earned himself a starting spot somewhere else next season. That being said, Deshaun Watson should be a major upgrade, possibly even this week. This is the best supporting cast Watson will have ever had, especially when it comes to OL. Speaking of OLs, injury was added to insult in TB with Wirfs going down in OT. Sounds like its similar to the injury he had late last season. Despite his stat line, I wasn't all that impressed with Rachaad White. Really rough game for Mike Evans, 31 yards on 9 targets.

Cin/Ten-This game went as expected. Tee Higgins continues to prove he'd be a #1 WR on like 20 other teams but is instead an elite #2 once Chase gets back. Anyone else getting mildly concerned that Derrick Henry has been completely shut down as a runner in 3 straight games, only 1 of which was against a good defense? Bengals are gonna be a tough out in the AFC, since the Browns likely aren't making the playoffs, and that seems to be the only team they really have trouble with. Titans feel like the AFC Vikings, likely 1 and done.

Was/Atl-How does Washington keep doing this? They should have absolutely lost this game. Taylor Heinicke continues to win despite his own poor play. He's objectively a worse (arguably a lot worse) QB than Carson Wentz was, but the defense is making key plays when it matters, and while he is less productive overall than Wentz, Heinicke makes 1-2 throws a game to get the offense needed plays. Personally, I'd call it luck more than anything. I've never seen a QB have so many dropped INTs. Despite winning 6 of thier last 7, I don;t view Washington as a playoff team and could easily see them not winning another game this season. Schedule is NYG, NYG, SF, Cle, Dal.

Hou/Mia-Little quick to pull the starters, but I guess it worked out. To nobody's surprise Kyle Allen wasn't better than Davis Mills. Terron Armstead injury could be a big deal, as he's clearly their best OL. Got a kick out of Tyreek dragging Jeff Wilson off the field, hopefully he's not seriously hurt, otherwise its less funny. Miami's D is going to be a problem against any team with a functional offense, but man, that Dolphins offense is honestly the best it's been since...dare I say Marino?

LV/Sea-Honestly felt like the Raiders should have won this earlier than they did. Jacobs had an amazing game, especially as a pass catcher, with several key 3rd down conversions. Carr played well throughout, I thought both INTs were more miscommunication than bad decision/throw. Seattle seemed to trust its secondary way too much covering Adams 1-1 in key spots. Despite the final stat line, this may have been Geno's worst game, since he broke out. He missed several throws and took some really inexcusable sacks, just wasn't sensing pressure and lost out on some big plays because of it. Good win for the Raiders, who are better than their 4-7 record in my opinion. 6 of those 7 losses were 1 score games.

LAC/Ari-Kliff Kingsbury.

Ok I'll say more, man, how did Arizona blow this one? Cards should have won this game by 2 scores. Kliff inexplicably took his foot off the gas (when Murray was having one of his better games of the year, and in the first game they had Hopkins/Brown) and instead seemed to be of the belief that a 24-17 lead was insurmountable. Way too much just running Conner late. 3 straight 3 and outs in the 4th, all started with Conner getting stuffed on 1st down. Do you try a fake to Conner since the D is clearly sitting Conner? No, that'd make too much sense, especially with a QB who can easily get 4-5 yards basically whenever he wants. As much criticism as Murray gets, I think his degree of difficulty is as high as almost any QB having to overcome his own HC. He's playing on All-Madden when he should be playing on Pro so to speak. I also liked Staley going for the win instead of OT.

KC/LAR-Nice little breather game for KC. Rams might be the worst offense in the NFL. It feels wrong to say, but they might not have a single valuable fantasy player right now. In Kc's case, I continue to not be impressed by Pacheco. He's so frantic as a runner, it looks great when the hole is there, and like a guy who has no idea what he's doing when he has to make any adjustment. Skyy Moore fumble notwithstanding, continues to look like a guy who should see the field more often. One nice thing I'll say for the Rams is I thought other than getting completely turned around on the TD pass, I thought Ramsey did a pretty good job on Kelce.

NO/SF-I feel a little bad for Andy Dalton. He didn't deserve to be shutout. He played pretty well I thought, but endzone drops, and GL fumbles, none of which were his fault, lead to the Saints being shutout. Chris Olave had maybe the most egregious catch taking away by officiating I've ever seen. CMC has been a huge bust fantasy wise since being traded, other than the 1 game that didn't have Mitchell in it. Well, it looks like more games without Mitchell are coming as he hurt his knee and while it doesn't sound IR serious, it doesn't sound like a small issue either. Jimmy G I guess is ok, but man I thought his season looked over after he basically had a defender dive right onto his knee as he was rolling out. Despite the win, 13 points has to be seen as a disappointment for SF. Way too much talent on this offense to have that much trouble scoring against a mediocre team. I'd echo my Dalvin Cook thoughts about Kamara, he's just not as explosive anymore, except when he's playing a disinterested Raider team that is.

GB/Phi-What a surprisingly fun game this turned out to be. I'm not wishing injury to be worse or anything, but I'm kinda hoping Rodgers sits out a couple weeks, and we can see what Jordan Love has. Sure, it was likely just a blip, but GB isn't making the playoffs so why not? Packers OL held up pretty well with Jenkins and Bawk both healthy together, and Christian Watson is starting to look like the player he had the upside to be. That said, oh boy that Run D. If Fields is back next week, he's gonna be hard to sit against this group. For the Eagles, it was business as usual, though I have to say, when Dallas Goedert went down, I had higher expectations for AJ Brown and he hasn't really stepped up at all. Still think he will, but a little disappointed, TD really bailed him out. Scary play for Lane Johnson, but it sounds like he's ok. Best OL in the NFL is such an important part of Eagles success.
Vikings seem like a team cut out for disappointment
It's in the history. As a Vikes fan this is standard operating procedure. Get the fans hopes up and then nugget punch at the most inopportune time. The most likely Viking outcome is for them to miss the playoffs with a nosedive to end the season. Barring that they will "right the ship" and cruise to the NFC Championship game only to lose the game because their kicker misses two extra points.

Philly 10-1
Minnesota 9-2, losses to Dallas and Philly
San Fran 7-4, Losses to GB, DEN and ATL are not good. Who have they beat that's good? Seattle and LA Chargers are the 2 best so far. Miami next week?
Tampa Bay 5-6, Hosting an opening round Playoff if it were today

Dallas 8-3
NY Giants 7-4
Washington 7-5
Seattle 6-5, and looking like a team on the slide this past weekend.

Commanders travel to Minnesota? Cousins would love that match up
Giants would travel to San Fran and likely lose IMHO
Dallas would march into Tampa Bay and put an end to their season

Semi-Finals would likely feature
Dallas at Philly
San Fran at Minnesota
Both road teams would be armed and deadly, it's possible we could have a return of the early 90s Dallas-San Fran NFCC games.
Jimmy G in another NFCC, perhaps traveling to the city of brotherly love so he can get his team within a stone's throw of greatness but just miss the ultimate goal
Or does Kirk Cousins silence critics once and for all?
The NFC South, the darlings of the NFL this year
Saints at Bucs next week, Wirfs is down a month
Atlanta will host the Steelers and feel like they are playing a road game
Carolina actually can move ahead as they are on a Bye week

Bucs 5-7
Saints 5-8
Falcons 5-8
Panthers 4-8

2 of these teams are on a Bye week in Week 14 so then you have the Bucs getting beat in San Fran and the Panthers managing to beat the Seahawks which is possible

Bucs 5-8
Saints 5-8
Falcons 5-8
Panthers 5-8
And then it's a 4 week sprint to the finish for one of these 4 teams to claim a Playoff spot away from a needy franchise in...
As the South Turns...slowly

Philly 10-1
Minnesota 9-2, losses to Dallas and Philly
San Fran 7-4, Losses to GB, DEN and ATL are not good. Who have they beat that's good? Seattle and LA Chargers are the 2 best so far. Miami next week?
Tampa Bay 5-6, Hosting an opening round Playoff if it were today

Dallas 8-3
NY Giants 7-4
Washington 7-5
Seattle 6-5, and looking like a team on the slide this past weekend.

Commanders travel to Minnesota? Cousins would love that match up
Giants would travel to San Fran and likely lose IMHO
Dallas would march into Tampa Bay and put an end to their season

Semi-Finals would likely feature
Dallas at Philly
San Fran at Minnesota
Both road teams would be armed and deadly, it's possible we could have a return of the early 90s Dallas-San Fran NFCC games.
Jimmy G in another NFCC, perhaps traveling to the city of brotherly love so he can get his team within a stone's throw of greatness but just miss the ultimate goal
Or does Kirk Cousins silence critics once and for all?
I know the current records have it happening, but I'd say there is almost no chance the NFC East has 4 playoff teams, simply because they have so many games against each other left, so someone is going to get knocked out, likely NY or Was. I think Seattle could/should go 3-3 down the stretch and get in, and they have 2 games against the Rams.
Raiders have shown some life (on offense) after seemingly hitting rock bottom two weeks ago against Indy. Waller is out for two more weeks, but then eligible to return for the fantasy playoffs, and may be available on your wire after a disastrous 2022 start. It's risky to trust him, and you'll probably need to grab him early (as in this week), but among the tumble weeds that litter the fantasy TE landscape this season, he has some upside if his hammy heals up and the Raiders continue fighting down the stretch. As someone pointed out upthread, they may not be nearly as bad as their 4-7 record - at least not on offense.

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