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More relevant measurables. (1 Viewer)

Staight line speed in the 40 out of a track stance tells us something about a player's speed, but more about their track training than actual football speed. Isn't it time we get some more relevant timed drills?

For receivers I'd like to see their time in the twenty five yard dash measured with them in pads, on grass, starting from a stand up position, and electronically timed by looking at a ball snapped from 15 yards to their right, and 15 yards to their left. I'd also like their time in a 30 yard slant from a standing start, released to run by watching a ball snapped once from the left and once from the right, with a 15 yard straight away into a sharpe 45 degree cut and run for the next 15 yards. Any step outside the defined track would be noted and reported.

For C.B.'s I'd like their time in a standing start 20 and 40 where they start by watching a snap, but they start with their back to the direction they will run. They should have to run one with a turn in each direction, once left and once right.

The 40 is broken down into very important splits at 10 and 20 yards. Much of the type stuff you want to see NFL teams do look at when they bring them in for private workouts.


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