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Moulds not restructuring (1 Viewer)

I dont blame him. Why would he want to restructure to play on a crappy team? He could leave and go to Philly and have a chance to win some games.

True....I hope he doesn't go to Philly.....I'd really like to see Philly go back to the mentality of "we only want #2 Recivers"......

that article says his big $ is due next season, is that 07? I'd think so but then why cut him now?

Updated: Feb. 27, 2006, 10:02 PM ETMoulds rejects Bills' offer to restructure contractAssociated PressBUFFALO, N.Y. -- Eric Moulds rejected the Buffalo Bills' offer Monday for restructuring his hefty contract, a decision that could lead the team to release its veteran star receiver by as early as this week."Based on what they're proposing, I guess it's not encouraging," Moulds' agent Harry Henderson told The Associated Press by telephone following a meeting with team officials. "We're way off. ... Our attitude has been optimistic, but realistically it may not happen."Moulds, a 10-year veteran and the team's senior player, has two years left on his contract, scheduled to count $10.85 million against the salary cap next season. His salary would represent about one-ninth of the projected cap, a figure the Bills deem far too expensive.Unless a new deal can be reached, the Bills would have little choice but to cut Moulds, which would save the team about $5.5 million in cap room. His release could come as early as this week, prior to the NFL's free-agency period, which is scheduled to open Friday. The Bills declined comment except to confirm that a meeting took place between the team and Moulds' representatives.Buffalo's first-round pick in the 1996 draft, Moulds is a three-time Pro Bowl selection and ranks second on the team in several career receiving categories.Henderson said no further talks are scheduled but added he is open to negotiations and would like to cooperate with the team in an attempt to keep Moulds in Buffalo. Henderson wouldn't provide details of the Bills' offer or what his client would be willing to accept."We're open," he said. "Good football teams find ways to keep their best players."Henderson wouldn't entirely rule out Moulds accepting a pay cut, but said: "Eric is under contract so we have a deal. It's the Bills that want to change."Moulds is coming off a down season but still led the team with 81 catches for 816 yards in 15 games. He was suspended for one game by former coach Mike Mularkey for conduct detrimental to the team after an apparent sideline dispute with an assistant coach.The suspension, which came in Week 14, didn't affect Moulds' performance down the stretch. He returned in top form, finishing with 27 catches for 305 yards and a touchdown in the final three games.**** Jauron has taken over as coach following Mularkey's sudden resignation last month, while Marv Levy is the Bills' new general manager replacing Tom Donahoe. Both previously expressed hope the team could reach a deal to keep Moulds.Moulds has been a full-time starter since his third season in Buffalo. In 154 games, he has 675 catches for 9,096 yards and 48 touchdowns. Only Andre Reed has more catches (941) and yards (13,095) among Bills receivers.The Bills offense struggled last season, contributing to the team's 5-11 finish.Buffalo gained 4,122 yards, a franchise low in a 16-game season. The team's six touchdowns rushing, 1,607 yards rushing and 2,515 yards passing were all the second fewest for a 16-game season.
Nice watching you for all these years Eric, but us Bills fans will move on. He's not worth anything even close to $10M. I think that he wants to leave Buffalo more than he wants big money. The poor guy has never had consistency at the QB position or at OC. He doesn't like Losman and clearly knows that he needs to win now.

It's best for both sides if he moves on. The Bills need to re-tool and get younger. Moulds needs to be on a team that can win now.

It will be interesting to see how Moulds will receive the offers he'll get from other teams though. Or maybe it will be interesting to see if some team is suckered in by what Moulds used to be. He's still a decent receiver that is capable of 130 yards on his best day, but he isn't a true #1 anymore. He has lost a step and can't get separation anymore from DBs.

I have a lot of fond memories of Emo, but I won't be all that disappointed if he moves on to another team either.

Philly or KC seem like nice places for him.
:hot: Hey, I want to ride Kennison as long as I can! He has been a 13th/14th round keeper pick for me the past 2 years. Not bad for the 18th rank WR in 2004 and 2005.


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