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Myles Garrett (1 Viewer)

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Myles Garrett (shoulder, biceps) is not at the Browns' facility Wednesday.​

Garrett suffered shoulder and biceps injuries in a car accident on Monday. The injuries appear to be minor, but it is not surprising he is taking some time off. His availability for Week 4 remains up in the air.

Browns DC Joe Woods said Myles Garrett (shoulder, biceps) has a "chance" to play in Week 4 against the Falcons.​

Garrett missed practice again today while recovering from wounds suffered in his car accident on Monday. The Browns have officially called him "day-to-day." It sounds like the Friday status will tell the tale here, but Garrett should probably be considered on the pessimistic side of questionable.
Not looking good for Garrett this week but hard to complain and looks like his owners dodged a bullet here. Maybe he is back and healthy as soon as next week.

Myles Garrett (shoulder, biceps) is questionable for Week 4 against the Falcons.​

As is Jadeveon Clowney (ankle). Neither player was seen on the practice field Friday, however, so they are likely on the doubtful side of questionable. A banged-up Cleveland defense is setting up as a good matchup for Marcus Mariota and company.

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