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NCAA Week 5 (1 Viewer)


The Friday slate look like alot of fun again this week. The question for me is to Soso, or to not Soso. I usually only fire one lineup a slate, but Ill probably do two for this one.

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I finally broke down and played one of the single game slates. $24.25 in and $48.45 out for the Thursday game. I missed the cash line for the Fanduel $7 GPP by .06 points too.

Ive been holding off on entering the larger buy in tournaments until I get a feel for NCAA again, but I think I will start pulling the trigger on a few of the slates this week. The Friday slate looks especially soft to me. I want to just jam as many Colorado and Memphis players, but the reverse line movement towards UCLA is spooking me a bit. Hopefully the QB situation is decided prior to kickoff in the Memphis/Tulane game.

Kyler Murray is likely suspended for tomorrow's game or at least for part of it for violation of team rules. Should help Trey Sermon. Not sure I can trust either Austin Kendall or Murray. 


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