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Need help with FBG website (1 Viewer)

Polish Hammer

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I can’t be the only one with this issue. I’m using Chrome on an iPhone, maybe around an iPhone 10. When I use the website version of the Draft Dominator web app (draft.footballguys.com) I end up with what may be described as a display issue. At the bottom of the screen where the tabs are like the cheat sheet, draft choice tracker, rosters, etc I find that from time to time all of a sudden there will grow a chunk of white space that pushes those tabs up in unison. This ends up reducing the actual screen real estate where I can see players or whatever option that tab is supposed to be showing. It makes using the site rather clunky. This can (and has) happened repeatedly to the point where nearly 1/3 of my screen space is unusable on that particular website. I’ve tried closing the tab and clearing some browser cookies to no benefit. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix it?

For what it’s worth the same thing happened last season during the regular season with the League Dominator site. And yes, I know I can use the apps but I’ve been finding that the draft entries I log into the app dummy always sync up with the website and as I go from phone to computer that unreliable sync isn’t helpful.

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