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Need To Drop 2 (1 Viewer)


We start 3 WR, 2 RB and a Flex.  This week a have Ertz on bye at TE so I don't have a TE or TD right now.  If I picked up a TE and/or Team Defense Would need to drop either 1 or 2 guys from list below.  I am in 5th place and SHOULD make the playoffs so I could not start a TE as B Watson, Heardon and Dickson are the top TE available.  I could drop 1 and pick up a TD which Dolphins, Broncos and Ravens are free.  Or I can take a risk and keep my line up and see how Sutton, Moore, Robinson and Thomas do this week and make a move next week.  The guy I am playing has a yahoo projection of 135 and I have 102 without TE and TD.

QB Cam Newton

WR Julio Jones

WR AJ Green

WR John Brown

WR Courtland Sutton

WR DJ Moore

WR Allen Robinson

WR D Thomas

RB J Mixon

RB M Ingram

RB A Collins

RB C Thompson

TE Ertz

M Mack

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Herndon is a good TE pick up and I'd go with Denver. I would first try and package a couple of your guys for one better guy to free up a roster spot, try packaging a RB and one of your WR's for a better RB.   If push comes to shove and you need to drop anyone I'd drop Moore and Collins.

C. Sutton or A. Robinson would be my first cuts.

I would  cut Sutton or Robinson and pick up a Defense

I would go without a TE and take my chances

Tough one. I would NOT drop Sutton - need to see how his new situation plays out.

I might drop Robinson.

I was in the same situation in week 4 and decided to go without a DEF, and I won by 40, so you never know. Hate to drop a really good player who comes back to beat you in the playoffs on another team's roster.


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