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Need Your Help - Political Forum Closed - Please Report Any Political Posts (1 Viewer)

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Joe Bryant

Staff member
Hi Folks.

We need your help. The Political Forum has been closed. https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/the-politics-forum-is-closed.806836/

Please let's not use this thread for discussing the closure. There's a thread here for that. https://forums.footballguys.com/threads/political-forum-closed.806835/

We need your help here in the FFA for helping keep Politics out of it.

All you need to do is please report any post that you feel is remotely political. Even if it's not offensive. At least for now, we want to keep all political news of any sort out of the FFA.

I know some folks are hesitant to report. Please don't be with this.

If you see a post that is remotely political. please just click the "REPORT" link below the content of the post. You don't have to put any comment.

Thank you.

I want to be clear that our focus is on the FFA and keeping it as good as it can be.
Not open for further replies.

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