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:nerd: or just smart decision making? (1 Viewer)

Four one topping pizzas allows you to get four different toppings, while most restaurants won't allow you to split your toppings into quarters, and if they do, they'll intermingle the toppings, so some of the peppers on your slice have onis where they don't belong. But if you want the same kind of topping, you'll get a much better deal on one large pizza than on four pizzas because you only pay the per topping price once (even if it costs a little more) instead of four times.
So I am calling Domino's to take home a pizza and some cheesy sticks (wife is going out with some girl friends so it is me, my son, and my 2 daughters that have strep throat tonight). They tell me their specials, of which one is 2 medium 1-toppings and a bread for $14.99. They also have their XLP 1-topping for $9.99, with cheese sticks being $3.99.

So the :nerd: in me immediately asks for the diameter of each pizza, I do a little pi X radius squared and figure out the most pizza per buck spent.

And no, there are not ANY good mom and pop pizza joints within 10 miles of where I live, so spare the "Good pizza down" comments. :)
So what was the answer?

That's why I went with a 30' pool instead of two 12' intex pools....this thread is invaluable!

Math is our friend...but not word problems...those suck

What, if instead of the pizzas being circles, they were erraciracasepatagons? Which would be the better deal then?


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