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New big money keeper league (1 Viewer)


I am preparing an invite for a new league next year, and I want to make sure that the league rules are rock solid with no loopholes. I would appreciate it if some of the sharks and commissioners here at footballguys would look things over and offer any rule suggestions or opinions.


You are receiving this email because you have been selected as the first wave of invitees to a new fantasy football league. I have played in leagues with all of you in the past, and you have proven yourselves to be good-natured, fun, and competitive. I am looking for 12 dedicated owners, myself included, to commit to a long-term 3 keeper league with individual defensive players. I hope this league will last for many years to come. Many of you may know other potential owners that would be interested. If the 12 spots are not filled during this first wave, these people can be invited next.

I have been the commissioner of 15 or more leagues over the last 10 years, which has given me the experience necessary to handle any and all matters in a decisive, fair, and prompt manner. I have been refining and amending league rules over this time, and have come up with what I think is a very enjoyable and exciting fantasy football experience. Up until this time, the stakes involved have been very minimal, and often times nonexistent. For this league I am upping the ante, to allow for much greater rewards to the victors!!

Please review the league details and rules below, and let me know if you are interested in joining. The first 11 invitees to accept will be awarded a franchise and sent league login information.

League host My Fantasy League (MFL)

League entry fee $2006.00 ($2000.00 towards prize money)

All monies collected and disbursed online by Leaguesafe

Unpaid teams will be locked out and forfeit games until paid

Prizes 1st - $10000.00 2nd - $7500.00 3rd - $4000.00

Regular Season Winner - $2500.00

Roster 20 players

Lineup Lineups can be changed until game time for each player

1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 K

3 Off Flex (RB, WR, or TE), 3 Def Flex (LB, DL, DB)

9 Bench

Illegal lineup submission will result in a "zero" score for the week

Regular Season Weeks 1-14

Play every team twice (doubleheaders in non-bye weeks 1-4, 11-14)

Playoffs Weeks 15, 16 – 4 teams

No games Week 17

Playoff Bonus Weeks 18-21 – all teams (see explanation below)

Keeper (3) designation 20 days before first NFL game

Online draft 15 days before first NFL game

24 hour timer (draft will take 10-14 days)

Draft order 1st year – random, snake

Future years - the draft order will be determined by the previous year's final standings. Draft positions will be reverse order of standings, with the exception of the bottom 4 teams. The bottom 4 teams will get the top 4 draft positions based on random lottery: Last place gets 1 chance, 2nd to last gets 2 chances, 3rd to last gets 3 chances, and 4th to last gets 4 chances).

Playoff bonus During the actual NFL playoffs (weeks 18-21), you will not use your regular season roster. Instead, each week you will submit a lineup from the players still playing. You will be allowed to use any player only ONCE during the playoffs.

Standings will be determined by total points earned during the 4 weeks of playoffs. The "bonus" will be as follows: Round 5 (second round after keepers) of the following year's draft will follow the order of final playoff bonus standings. The winner will get first pick in Round 5... last place will get last pick.

Scoring All scoring rules apply to all players (offense and defense).

Fractional points will be awarded.

Touchdown 6 pts

Passing Yards 0.033 pts/yd (1 pt for 30 yards)

Thrown Interception -3 pts

Passing 2-Pointer 2 pts

Rushing Yards 0.067 pts/yd (1 pt for 15 yards)

Rushing 2-Pointer 2 pts

Receiving Yards 0.067 pts/yd (1 pt for 15 yards)

Receiving 2-Pointer 2 pts

Reception 1 pt

Field Goal 3 pts

Extra Point 1 pt

Punt/Kick Return Yards 0.033 pts/yd (1 pt for 30 yards)

Fumble Lost to Opponent -3 pts

Fumble Recovery 2 pts

Forced Fumble 3 pts

Interception Caught 3 pts

Interception Return Yards 0.033 pts/yd (1 pt for 30 yards)

Fumble Recovery Return Yards 0.033 pts/yd (1 pt for 30 yards)

Blocked Punt/Field Goal 3 pts

Tackle 1 pt

Assist 0.5 pt

Pass Defended 1 pt

Sack 3 pts

Safety 3 pts

Official NFL statistic changes (as reported by the Elias Sports Bureau, official statistician of the NFL) will be applied as they are released, including their affect on fantasy scores.

Waiver system Continuous rolling waiver priority list (Year 1 – random start order, Future years – start order is reverse of final season standings)

When a player is dropped, he goes on waivers for 48 hours before becoming a free agent.

All players go on waivers at their game time until Tuesday at 10:30PM CST. Waiver claims can be made for these players starting at 9:00PM CST on Monday.

Unlimited transactions are allowed.

Standings criteria #1 Overall winning percentage

#2 Total points scored

#3 Head-to-Head record

#4 Power Rank

Trades All trades are subject to commissioner approval. Trades take 48 hours to approve, during which time owners may voice protest.

Following year draft picks (non-keeper rounds 4-20) can be traded.

Trade deadline Start of Week 11

League changes Subject to majority owner decision

Commissioner veto The commissioner has absolute veto power to change any ruling, score, or transaction at his discretion.

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Yeah, I don't like the unpaid teams rule either. If they back out because it is too much money, a replacement needs to be found ASAP.

The commissioner has absolute veto power to change any ruling, score, or transaction at his discretion.
I wouldn't put my money in if the commish basically has the power to play God.
This is the clause to eliminate any potential "loopholes". Rarely would a commissioner veto be necessary, but I think it needs to be in the rules.Thanks for the other suggestions.I changed "Unpaid teams will be locked out and forfeit games until paid."to"Teams must be paid 1 week before the draft. Unpaid teams will be replaced."...and I eliminated the "non-bye" adjective... Doubleheaders will be in weeks 1-4, 11-14Any other suggestions
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How does this sound as an alternative?

"Commissioner Veto: With a 25% agree vote (3 other teams vote "yes"), the commissioner can change any ruling, score, or transaction that he deems fair and just."


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