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New Dynasty Fantasy Baseball LG 30 Teams $20 Buy-In (Increases by vote every year) H2H Daily/ Salaries- Contracts/ Free Agency/ Auction Draft/ Website (1 Viewer)

Currently taking applications to join a New fantasy baseball dynasty league. Need to convince us you have the ability to develop a winning team (being active in all facets of the league). This is a very Realistic Baseball Experience. Rules and Guidelines will be explained

Offline draft with salary slots, we will bid on all players and farm systems. We will have a website holding all our information, rules, off season stages; google docs containing all roster and salary information. H2H daily gameplay. 30 teams- 1 farm system per team (your team name is the farm system you take.) Arbitration for those who are eligible in real life.

Buy in is $20 in the first year w/ plans to increase the following year to $50- further increase would be a voted subject. Part of the buy-in will go towards the website and other costs- maybe $5/20 $10/50.

I need volunteers for
Assistant Commish
(3-5) Trade Committee
(2-3) Arbitration Advisors
Financial Manager
Draft Compensation Advisor
You can hold multiple positions

Prospect draft each off season
Free agency each off season (bidding)
Realistic salaries and arbitration
Draftees will use realistic service time rules

Please email why you would be a good applicant for this league. Thanks and lets play some ball


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