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New Offensive Coordinators (1 Viewer)

Mike Herman

This past year, 14 teams started the year with new offensive coordinators. All were brought in from outside the organization, except where noted otherwise. FWIW, here's where the teams ended up ranking offensively (points, yards):10,9 New England (OCBC, promoted from within)17,7 Arizona15,12 Dallas (promoted from within)16,14 Miami (also had new HC)12,19 Jacksonville21,17 Tennessee19,25 Minnesota (promoted from within)25,24 Baltimore (promoted from within)31,20 New Orleans (promoted from within)28,27 Detroit26,31 Chicago32,26 Cleveland (also had new HC)29,30 NY Jets30,32 San Francisco (also had new HC)

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Interesting. So what we should we be taking from this?It looks like almost all of these teams were in the bottom half of the league in offense. Where did these teams rank in the previous year? If they were still in the bottom half, then it might just be that the teams just aren't that good offensively. If they were in the top half, and then slid to the bottom half, the maybe is has to do with going to a new offense.Honestly though, these are the same teams that seem to be bad offensively quite often in recent years.Thanks for the info.

Interesting topic.I think this could be even more interesting next year when we can see a comparison from year 1 for the new OCs to year 2.

2004   |  2005  | Team 4,7    |  10,9  | New England (OCBC, promoted from within)26,27  |  17,7  | Arizona25,17  |  15,12 | Dallas (promoted from within)28,29  |  16,14 | Miami (also had new HC)29,22  |  12,19 | Jacksonville15,10  |  21,17 | Tennessee 6,3    |  19,25 | Minnesota (promoted from within)20,31  |  25,24 | Baltimore (promoted from within)14,16  |  31,20 | New Orleans (promoted from within)24,26  |  28,27 | Detroit32,32  |  26,31 | Chicago27,28  |  32,26 | Cleveland (also had new HC)17,12  |  29,30 | NY Jets30,25  |  30,32 | San Francisco (also had new HC)
Here is the previous year. Not sure what can be determined from this since many of these teams had other problems on top of getting a new OC. MN for example. Is it the OC or is it losing Birk, Moss, Daunte, Onterrio, crap O-Line, etc... Jets was it losing SMoss, Pennington, etc...

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