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NFFC Cheating Scandal: Caught Cheating & Fired, NFFC (1 Viewer)

Not sure if posted, but oof oof OOF.


eta: two ppl making a big deal of the "Buchar Acct#" as if it's significant... But I have no idea what that means, so can't comment.
Bystander who’s never played. My biggest surprise, given the stakes being played for, is that there hasn’t been an outside, independent audit on a regular basis from the very beginning.
Not sure if posted, but oof oof OOF.


eta: two ppl making a big deal of the "Buchar Acct#" as if it's significant... But I have no idea what that means, so can't comment.
I don't know how many employees they had, but this Buchar guy wasn't a worker bee. He did podcasts with the owner and so forth, he was not some faceless IT guy.
I opened an account with them last year but I never deposited any money or played in any contests. Now, I'm quite certain that I won't be depositing any money in the foreseeable future. Less because of this incident, but more because of the Amateurish way that Ambrosius has handled it after it was exposed, at least publicly.

Didn’t realize all these companies were in the process of being purchased. I’m sure the buyer loved the timing of this cheating episode.

Some of you have been asking about various aspects of our business, including the recent transaction that was in the news last week, in which SportsHub was acquired by RSports Interactive, LLC from SharpLink Gaming, Ltd. In the transaction, all of the fantasy sports divisions owned by SportsHub – including the National Fantasy Championships (NFC) and other familiar properties like BestBall10s, Fanball, and SafeLeagues – were subsequently taken private and are no longer part of the publicly-traded SharpLink entity. The transaction was completed on January 18, 2024.

RSports Interactive is led by owner Randy Eccker, who is one of the leading digital media and technology figures in the sports industry, having founded, led, managed or advised over 30 different organizations across the industry. His vast experience has provided him with a powerful view of the industry and extensive relationships with many of the key leaders in the space.

Since being first acquired by SportsHub in 2016, the NFC has grown consistently over the years, with Company management resisting the urge to chase million-dollar prize payouts in favor of responsible growth focused on providing the best experience possible for its loyal users. Commenting about the sale and future plans for the Company, Mr. Eccker stated, “I’m fully committed to the long-term vision for SportsHub and the NFC. Because of our passionate users, our experienced leadership, and a renewed commitment to transparency, integrity, and trust, we will endure whatever hardships may face us in the near-term and come out stronger on the other side of this challenging time for the NFC.”

As required by law, SportsHub always maintains its fantasy contest prize funds in segregated accounts under the name of SportsHub Player Reserve, LLC – an entity set up specifically to provide the protections for customer funds required by various state regulations. The NFC began in 2004, and since then has paid out over $93 million in prizes. SportsHub has never failed to meet a payout obligation; your funds are safe with us.

With respect to state licensing, we are in constant contact with state regulators and have disclosed the recent events to the states we are licensed in. We will continue to work closely with the various state regulatory agencies to ensure we remain compliant with all of their requirements.

As we continue to investigate the events of the past week and work through our third-party audit being performed by U.S. Integrity, we ask for your patience until we can reveal the audit findings and enhance both our systems and our processes. Our goal is to regain your trust and to become the safest place to play fantasy sports in the industry.

Christian Peterson
SportsHub Holdings, LLC

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