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I saw something on TV this morning talking about some new jerseys the NFL had. Not sure if they were actual game jerseys or what. But they were all the same color, just different shades. Kind of like, black on black. The example I saw was the 49ers and they were maroon with maroon numbers and letters. Looked kind of cool. Anyone have a link to these things?

Nothing? Really?

OK. How about this: Are all NFL jerseys stitched? My buddy has a nice Redskins jersey that's got stitched numbers and names. Do all NFL teams do that? I was looking at the NFL store and it looks like some may not be. Before I plop down all that money, I want to make sure I'm getting a cool stitched one.

Did you ever get that jersey?
I did. I got a sweet Texans Watt jersey. I got it a size too big, so I'm swimming in it, but it's pretty sweet. I had a buddy down in Houston who knew a guy that got nice fake ones. I think I ended up paying around $65 for it. It's completely stitched and is very nice.


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