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I love to play the NFL nickname game with my nephews and wanted to get some new material. I'll start and list some of my favorites. I'd prefer for them to be actual nicknames and not something they're referred to on the message boards...

Calvin -- Megatron

AP -- All Day

Dez -- the X factor

D. Martin -- Muscle Hampster

MJD -- Pocket Hercules

Dalton -- Red Rifle

Fitzpatrick -- Amish Rifle

McCoy -- Shady

That's a start and I'll post more as I think of them. What'ya got?

Doug Martin says he hates Muscle Hampster and would rather be called the Dougernaut, Dougenator, Muscle and Hustle or just Doug.



Night train

Broadway Joe

Thunder & Lightning

The Fearsome Foursome

The Steel Curtain

The Purple People Eaters

The Hogs

Yeah, Muscle Hampster don't want to be a Muscle Hampster. Honey Badger don't want to be a Honey Badger. These ships have sailed, gentlemen. Enjoy your mammals.

Probably my favorite in quite a while:

Eddie Lacy - "Circle Button" (Coined by Trent Richardson for Lacy's spin move in reference to the button pushed on a Playstation)

"NUK" because he chewed through his 'Nuk' pacifiers as a baby.

Muscle Hamster just fits.

Tavon Austin " The Pocket Rocket"

Travis Benjamin- Belle Glade Blur

Sounds like a nickname from the 1950s. One of the few really good nicknames in the NFL these days.

Area51Inhabitant said:
Mark "Buttfumble" Sanchez.
Thanks for trying. This thread is for actual nicknames.

There is another thread with silly, made up nicknames. It was from last fall if you are bored and want to search for it.

I'm surprised there aren't many nicknames for QBs playing today. Gruden referred to Peyton as "The Sheriff", but not sure if that's his actual nickname or not.

Charles "Big Bully" Johnson

"The Eastern Block" Margus Hunt

Elvis "Toast" Patterson

A buddy of mine nicknamed Dan Carpenter "The Nail" which always makes me laugh.


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