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Njoku Advice (1 Viewer)


I'm in a .5ppr dynasty and have Jimmy Graham and Jack Doyle as my te's.  With Graham hurt, I've been offered Njoku for Breida.  That would leave me with Connor, Barkley, Crowell, David Johnson and Ty Montgomery at rb. 

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.  Thanks for your time.

Is it TE premium scoring?  Are there any keeper restrictions or salary cap implications of the various players?  Based on your RB corps you can afford to lose Breida and you need a TE of the future so it isn't a bad offer.  I think you are over paying a bit but you can absorb that loss to improve your TE future. 

Thanks for the response.  There's no premium for TE scoring and there's also no restrictions, we just keep the majority of our team from year to year.  I'm thinking it's a little over payment as well but am leaning towards doing it.  Thanks again for your time.


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