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Non-PPR, flex Coleman, Justin Jax, or DJ Moore? (1 Viewer)


Got some tough lineup calls for start of playoffs, Non-PPR. Dealing with 3 choices in the Flex:

Tevin Coleman @ GB

Justin Jackson vs CIN at home

DJ Moore @ CLE

Amazingly, FBG ranks Coleman ahead, and in my eyes, he's more likely a sit. My other lineup locks are Chubb, Fournette, Beckham, Cooks, Justin Tucker and Denver DST.

Bonus WDIS questions for same team:
QB: Brady @ MIA, or Dak vs PHI at home - my opponent starts Big Ben vs. OAK
TE: Vance McDonald @ OAK, or Njoku @ CAR (Non-PPR) - my opponent starts Ertz vs DAL

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I'd roll the dice with Jackson myself. Can't see the Bengals stopping anything the Chargers do. I'd also go Brady/Njoku.


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