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NYJ: PFF Mock Sim (1 Viewer)


Here is the site: https://www.pff.com/draft/nfl-mock-draft-simulator?ref=2d222ef8-c92a-43da-b007-e56e27de9440

Here are the rules I draft by:

- Has to be 7 rounds, it's the point of the exercise to see what talent is available later.

- Under "Advanced Settings" you need to unclick "Use Defaults" and change all the settings to 50/50 all the way down to add more randomness than simply seeing/predicting who lands where.

- NO TRADES, unrealistic but it helps to compare our drafts.

4 - Ahmad Gardner(CB)Cincinnati - Depends on who you ask he's either the 1a or 1b CB in a strong DB draft. Secondary is still a huge area of need.

10 - Kayvon Thibodeaux(EDGE)Oregon - I trust Saleh to take an elite frontline player and wreak havoc with him. Has the potential to be the best defensive player in the entire draft.

35 - Daxton Hill(CB/S)Michigan - Another secondary starter that has versatility to play CB/nickel/S.

38 - David Ojabo(EDGE)Michigan - Elite edge potential and the Jets weren't going to make a SB run this season anyway. Without the injury with a normal draft with the typical number of pass rushers this guy would be in the top half of the first round imo.

69 - Jamaree Salyer(T/G)Georgia - Versatile guy that could start at either G or T. Insurance in case Becton can't be reeled back in.

111 - Kyle Philips(WR)UCLA - An underneath receiver that can get the ball out of Wilson's hands early with enough athleticism to add yardage after the catch.

117 - Brandon Smith(LB)Penn St. - Rangy LB that has the length and athleticism to develop into a guy that plays every snap.

146 - Tyquan Thornton(WR)Baylor - Outside deep threat taking advantage of Wilson's arm strength and opens up the shorter targets for Berrios/Philips/Conklin/Uzomah and the intermediate routes with Davis. Insurance if Moore misses a third of the season again.

163 - Brian Robinson Jr.(RB)Alabama - Surprise! Just a vert strong RBBC guy that I think is average in the passing game. He has enough ability that he might lead the team in rushing with the Jets last pick in the draft.... but he's 23yo. (shrug)

PFF predictably hated the Brian Robinson Jr pick(D) but I think that has more to do with them then it does me or Brian Robinson Jr. And you can tell them I said it.

4. CB Derek Stingley LSU=gives them a true #1 CB opposite FA signing DJ Reed.

10. WR Jameson Williams Alabama=a top notch field stretcher, compliments Elijah Moore perfectly.

35. DT Travis Jones UCONN=Hopefully a long term tag team partner for Quinnen Williams.

38. DB Jalen Pitre Baylor=Versatile CB/S. Either a top notch slot CB, or a FS opposite FA signing Jordan Whitehead, improving the secondary is a clear goal.

69. LB Brian Asomoah Oklahoma=I think he might be my favorite player in the draft relative to where I think he'll go. 

111. T Kellen Diesch Arizona St=Very talented prospect who just needs to add 10-15 pounds. Side note, this Mehki Becton issue is the exact reason I thought he was a horrible pick by NY 2 years ago, I didn't think he should have been a 1st rounder due to weight issues, and was gob smacked he went ahead of Wirfs. Made no sense then, looks even worse now. I think Becton may be dealt, but since we aren't doing trades, and I'm not sure the simulator can do player deals, I'll just leave this idea here, if he is dealt, T would/should be a bigger priority. 

117. DE Dominque Robinson Miami(Ohio)=Traits projection here. Super athletic 6-5 250 pounder who was a WR 2 years ago. Has the look of a situational pas rusher to me.

146. OL Josh Ezeudu UNC=Depth for the interior of the OL. 

163. RB Pierre Strong South Dakota St=Most explosive RB (4.37 40) in the class, he's compared to Tevin Coleman, so he should be tailor made for this offense as a backup for Carter. 


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