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Oakland A's thread (1 Viewer)

Manaea out through next year. Still 3 back of both the Astros and Yankees. They have about 20 relievers on the team now.

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This is just an incredible story. Their bats have been phenomenal. Hopefully their laughable group of pitchers can continue to hold their own and Oakland can make some noise in the playoffs. Would be great to see them bump off NY.
Who will start the WC game?

Who will start the WC game?
I believe that is still to be determined. Forst and Melvin both seem very open to varying strategies. After today they should be 1.5 back of the Yankees, but NY has the tiebreaker so really they're still 2 back. It seems highly probable they'll play in NY, but if they play in Oakland the team is going to broaden their options. 

Fiers, Edwin Jackson, and Cahill are the most likely options to start. They've even talked about bullpenning the entire game. 

It was a great season but another one-game postseason has to be a gut punch. 

They have one more year of team control on Khris Davis.  The market for slugging DH types was pretty cold last off-season but I expect Forst and Beane will try to get something for him.  Barreto for Lowrie seems like it's bound to happen.  Jed's been quietly great the last two years and his production will be tough to replace.  Other than those two, the A's hitters are still pretty affordable

The biggest challenge will be piecing together a pitching staff.  There are a lot of SP innings to replace.  The organization will have to scramble to build a rotation for opening day. Hopefully Manaea, Puk and Cotton will contribute at some point in 2019.  I doubt many of their bullpen rentals will return either.

A longer playoff run might have also helped create some momentum for a new stadium but you can't spell Alas without two A's.

The Howard Terminal ballpark renderings are kind of fun to dream about but that Coliseum redevelopment ain't never gonna happen.


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