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Offered Evan for Gronk + Hyde (1 Viewer)


i was proposed the following offer:

i give Gronk and Hyde for Mike Evans

1) Take the Trade!

2) Reject


I'm 5-2 in a 12 team H2h, non ppr league.

Start 1qb, 2rb, 3Wr, 1te, 2flex, 1td
QB:  Ben Roethlisberger
RB:  Ezekiel Elliott, Mark Ingram
WR:  Stefon Diggs, Michael Crabtree, Dede Westbrook
TE:  Rob Gronkowski

Flex: Carlos Hyde, Chris Carson 
TD:  Philadelphia Eagles


QB:  Jamies Winston 
RB:  Aaron Jones, Wendell Smallwood, Raheem Mostert
WR:  Keke Coutee, Nelson Agholor, Dez Bryant
TE:  Benjamin Watson

I don't have an issue with this deal.  I think Gronk is done as an elite guy.  He might have some great games but he is not consistent anymore and too injury prone to rely on.  Yes, he is still better than Watson but Evans is a top guy and has been fairly consistent this year.  Hyde is also a big question mark on utilization.  You could wait a week and see how Hyde shows but then the offer might go away. 

I think I accept and take the risk. 


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