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Stream QBs or trade for Russ or Allen (1 Viewer)


Was offered Russ Wilson + Manny Sanders for Ridley.

Should I accept or try to get Josh Allen?

I'm 1-2 in a 12 team, non-ppr

QBs on Waiver are:  Heinicke, Brissett, Ryan and Big Ben


Start - 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2flex, 1td

qb: Jimmy G
rb: Aaron Jones, Damien Harris
wr: Calvin Ridley, Tyler Lockett, Mike Evans
te: Mark Andrews
fx: DJ Chark, Brandin Cooks
td: Bears

qb: Trey Lance
rb: Sony Michel, Mark Ingram, AJ Dillon, Tony Jones Jr, Jeff Wilson Jr.
wr: Josh Gordon

ir: TY Hilton, Rashod Bateman

I would not, I believe you go down with the Calvin ridley ship. You prolly should change it up from Jimmy G. I would play Heinicke in the pinch, next week ook for a trade though and target kir cousincs or Sam Darnold someone that shoud not be as expensive. Your strat is waiting for Trey, so start streaming. 


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