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***Official 2019 Pittsburgh Pirates Thread*** Hope Springs Eternal? (1 Viewer)

It was fun while it lasted. The last place plunge has begun.

Yup they’re as pathetic of a team as we expected they would be. They just happened to go on an insane and lucky run to start the season. They either need to learn how to scout, build and run a team like Tampa or they need to spend more money. Not holding my breath that either will happen anytime soon.
A bit of a random post but remember that trade a few years ago (the Glasnow/Meadows/Baz one) that was considered the worst trade in history of sports? Well look at where those Tampa guys are now. Hardly a win for the Pirates but far from the worst trade ever. Glasnow is made of glass and the other 2 have done nothing.
More quality major league managing today. Keller cruising along up 3-2 only 86 pitches through 6 and idiot Shelton sends out a no name slug to give up a 2 run homer.
The Pirates suck every year and their farm system is barren. The Reds suck every year and they’ve got a ton of young, up and coming stars.
I know the player talent is awful, but Shelton is the worst manager in history. They are up 4-1 tonight in the 8th, no name reliever loads the bases & you have one of the better closers in the league. Bednar hadn't pitched in forever because they lose EVERY night but since it isn't the 9th inning he doesn't use him. Down 6-4 in a matter of minutes. Not sure why I even flipped over to the game to begin with. Just pathetic, it's almost like he is there to lose on purpose. Beautiful ballpark & no one goes because you have a clown owner, clown manager, and a class A level team.
Annual Pirates Fire Sale. I can't say that I object to it considering this team was going nowhere but this never ending cycle is certainly tiresome.

But hey, they've won three in a row!
More baffling manager decisions and or personnel decisions. Jason Delay is an incredibly awful catcher and they have 2 high prospect catchers in Davis and Endy Rodriguez. Delay does things you see in little league. Tonight game should have been over in the 9th but Delay can't block a beach ball.

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