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General Malaise

Poop Lord


Watching the ‘19 replay, what happened to Ollie S? He was off to a big start, and now seems to have disappeared after a ‘21 top 5 in PR.


Let it burn!
The amount of time that these young guys take to hit a shot is going to have to be addressed at some point. It just took Lee close to two minutes to line up a two-footer. I don't know how you'd introduce a pitch clock to this sport, but they better start looking into it.


Spieth now 32/32 inside 7-feet this week on Copperhead.

This is his major weakness. He will win majors again if this part of his game is anywhere near this good.


Rory just nails a drive on #18 (Austin Country Club) that was 349 in the air to the front of the green and rolls out to 5 feet past the pin on a 375 par 4.

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