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***Official 2023 Pro Cycling Thread*** - First Monument in the books! (1 Viewer)


Might as well kick this off. Been watching a bit of the spring classics. Pidcock was ridiculous in a 50k breakaway in the Strade Bianchi (and the sprint finish in the women's race was pretty awesome).

But, holy crap, in today's Tirreno Adriatico TT Ganna blew the field away - in a 12 minute time trial he won by 30 seconds - 34.5mph average. That's not human.

The best part of the year is coming - Milan San Remo, Paris Roubaix, Liege Bastogne Liege. Color me biased, but the 3 minutes up the Mur de Huy is the best cycling has to offer.

Oh, and Neilson Powless won the Étoile de Bessèges - not the biggest stage race, but a big, big victory for a USA cyclist. We have some great talent these days - Powless, Sheffield, Simmons, McNulty, and a raft of others. Great time to cheer for the US in this sport.
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