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*** Official 49ers & Cardinals Game Thread *** (1 Viewer)

RTSPORTs isn't currently giving credit for the 0 yard TD to open the game. It says 1DTD. This could be a problem.

I always liked Charles Lee. For a while I thought he could be a productive WR for Tampa Bay.
Agree. And I think he was, actually, given his playing time.This game isn't THAT Godawful so far. Spotty play yes, but some good plays too. And give the Ds some credit.

Shipp looks alright. Not great, alright.

Gore is a better RB than Barlow, at least IMO based on the few times I've seen both play. It's not night and day but he simply has more of a burst than Barlow.

And this just in: Rattay is a decent QB. Not great, but not bad given the support.

Everytime I think Shippy gonna get the ball, they toss it to Abracadabanjo

NICE catch by Fitz.er bad run by Shipp. Course having absolutely zero blocking doesn't exactly help.

To think I had the ole' DVR tape this game tonight...Think I may just erase it when I get home without ever watching it, lol.

stop talking about getting a "point" for kicking it through the uprights on the kickoff :rant:

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Arrington really looks bad
Most of his bad plays aren't his fault. He's getting tackled in the back field.
Yeah....kind of hard to do much when a linebacker hits you half a second after the ball is handed off. Rattay looks awful....Alex Smith time!


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