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*** Official 49ers & Cardinals Game Thread *** (1 Viewer)

I'm starting to think my week 2 move of grabbing Rackers in every league I was in where he was available might be my best free agent move of all time. ;)

The crowd must be :confused: at the notion that when the ball is kicked through the goals that the team gets 3 points and not 1. I think Tags told the teams to kick FG's and not score TD's.

Who woulda thunk that I am relying on my place kicker to win me my game. Neil Rackers must outscore B. Favre and I'm 4-0!!!!I was down 89-83 Rackers scores 21 so far for me!More FGs for Rackers! :pickle: :pickle: :pickle: :pickle: :pickle:

100,000+ attendance....Were they giving out free food or something?

It would be great if one of my opponents turned on the game now, saw Arizona with 21 points, and thought that Rackers had only 3 extra points.Usually that kind of crap only happens to me.

With the way the NFC west is playing out, AZ could actually win this division if their defense ever really comes together.

If he's available in your league, you may wanna get this Boldin fella.

Rackers single-handedly makes up my 21 point deficit in one league. I guess I won't need Driver tomorrow after all.


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