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Official: "I am Starting Jonathan Stewart in Week 13" Thread (1 Viewer)


Hail to the Chief
WIth the tough times in fantasy at the RB position this year, many may have picked up Jonathan Stewart hoping he could perhaps come in handy. This week against a tough Bucs run defense, Stewart gets the start over an inactive DeAngelo Williams. Stewart, himself questionable with an injured ankle, will need to contend with goal line vulturing on the part of Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert.

That noted, I am giving him the nod over Pierre Thomas. Even in PPR. Thomas has been solid in PPR for the Saints, but this week, they travel to Seattle and the Saints offense has been less effective on the road. That, coupled with a tough Seahakws defense is enough to have me roll the dice on Stewart at home.

Who else is starting Stewart this week and if so, in place of whom?


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