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*** OFFICIAL New Orleans Saints Thread *** (1 Viewer)

ESPN's Field Yates reports the Saints restructured the contracts of TE Taysom Hill and LB Demario Davis, creating $12.724 million in cap space.​

The salary cap magic continues in New Orleans, an organization long known as one of the more creative when it comes to managing player contracts against the cap. A whopping $8.2 million of TE/QB hybrid Taysom Hill's 2023 salary was converted into a signing bonus, clearing over $7 million in cap space in the process. The Saints have a long way to go if they intend to bring in free agent quarterback Derek Carr, but the continued efforts to generate enough room against the cap are steps in the right direction.
SOURCE: Field Yates on Twitter
Mar 4, 2023, 5:38 PM ET
Interesting tidbit.
FOX Sports: NFL

The Saints haven’t drafted a QB in the first two rounds in over 50 years

Yep. Archie Manning was the last one.

The Saints had the #1 overall pick in 1981, which was a rough year for QBs. The best available were (in retrospect) Neil Lomax and Wade Wilson. However, the Saints did use a 1981 supplemental pick to select Illinois QB Dave Wilson -- which cost the Saints their 1982 first-round pick (#3 overall). 1982 wasn't much better for QBs, anyway -- Jim McMahon, Art Schlister, and Oliver Luck were top of that crop.

In the 1983 Draft, the Saints would have had the #11 overall pick but traded it to Green Bay in June 1982 for the rights to DT Bruce Clark. Had they stood pat at #11, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino would have been available to them. Tony Eason and Ken O'Brien as well.

Imagine if a Saints fan had a time machine and could go back and go the 1981-83 drafts all over again:

1981, pick 1.01: LB Lawrence Taylor, North Carolina
1982, pick 1.03: RB Marcus Allen, USC
1983, pick 1.11: QB Dan Marino, Pittsburgh

Oh well.
I was breaking down the preseason stuff and I hadn't really noticed it during the game flows, but Juwan Johnson looks like he lost about 15 pounds of flab and added 10 pounds of muscle, Looks like he has an edge about him this year.

Bring on the Titans!
Juwan Johnson is going to be a bad man this year. Naturally, I couldn't get him in any N.O. based leagues.
Tough loss in GB. They are a lot better (and have a much better coach) than people give them credit for. GB is a tough place to play, I think the Saints steal that one in the dome, but wasn’t meant to be.

It’ll be good to get back home, but Godwin / Evans MUCH greater than GB WRs, which gives me pause. I like the Saints chances even if Jameis starts the game, what say the Saints faithful?
It’ll be good to get back home, but Godwin / Evans MUCH greater than GB WRs, which gives me pause. I like the Saints chances even if Jameis starts the game, what say the Saints faithful?

I saw this post Sunday evening, and never came back to it to reply.

It's very hard to feel any confidence in the Saints' offense right now. When they've won, they've hung on for dear life against not-great opponents. The offensive line is really mired in poor play right now, and having three first-rounders (plus a fourth in backup guard Andrus Peat) and a second-rounder on the line makes it all the more baffling.

Jameis needs to redeem himself as a Saint. He was just beginning to learn Payton's offense when he was hurt in Week 7 of 2021. Whatever Payton taught him seemed to go out of the window by opening day 2022, where Winston seemed to be winging it and the offense was stuck in neutral for three quarters. I'll tell you what ... Drew Brees spoiled us fans good for how a QB should run an offense. Most other QBs just look terrible in comparison.

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