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**Official Week Five Eagles at Giants predictions thread** (1 Viewer)


I can't ever remember a week five game between a 1-3 and 0-4 team having as much fantasy and reality impact as this weeks' tilt between the Eagles and Giants.

From an NFL standpoint, the Giants are only two games out of first place and the Eagles only one. With Dallas playing Denver, the winner of this game is likely to either be tied for first or only a game out.

From a fantasy standpoint, there are the usual studs involved (Vick, McCoy, Jackson, & Cruz), guys who start in most leagues (E.Manning, Nicks, Myers), and guys who may be forced into action due to the bye week (B.Brown, Celek, D.Wilson, Randle).

Personally, I think this has the makings of a high scoring game. Two bad defenses against two underachieving, but talented, offenses. So, I think you have to roll with studs (obviously), but also there's potential for decent points from Eli, Nicks, & WIlson, too. Yes, I think this will be Wilson's coming out party. 100 on the ground with a score and maybe an additional one off of a screen.

Prediction: 34-31 Eagles

Eagles I expected to struggle all year. Giants I did not see coming. Divisional game though with two bad defenses. Should be a fun high scoring affair.

33-26 Eagles

Prediction: If I start Gomer, he throws for 178 with 1 TD and 3 INTs. If I keep him on the bench, he goes for 380 and 4 TDs with 2 of them being over 60 yards.

I want to say that the Birds should be able to keep the Giants streak going, but I honestly can't believe they are capable of losing 5 in a row and starting out 0-5. Almost wish they would have won this week, just so they wouldn't be win-less going against us.

I honestly have no clue as for what to expect. What gives me hope as a fan is that I believe the the Eagles front 7 should have their way with the Giants O-Line and running backs. Probably another crazy high scoring game with plenty of turnovers with the team that scores last likely winning? NFC East is a joke right now. I like your prediction and agree Eagles 34-31. What's the over/under on turnovers for this game going to be in Vegas?

Chip Kelly is running his defense into mulch,the Giants offense is burning their defense up with too many turnovers and 3 and outs. Two pissy assed teams going at it in a "frustration bowl". Turnovers and penalties galore in this one. Kelly seems to make at least one "rookie" mistake every week,there's the edge,to The Giants coaching. Josh Brown kicks a 53 yarder at the buzzer. Either 27-24...or.......41-38.

Man, this has the feeling to me like those old "Raider @ Chargers at 4pm games back in the day where my fantasy day was destroyed by some lopsided LT and Gates games. Ahh, the good ole "Shawn Merriman sacked the Oakland Qb 4 times in a game".


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