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Only Start 1 rb league strategy? (1 Viewer)


Has anyone ever been in a league like this?

Start 1 qb, 1 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, and 2 non qb flex. PPR. 6 points all TDs

Seems pretty obvious that rbs become devalued... right?

I have the 3rd pick (was just going to put this into a 3rd pick thread already active on this board), but this structure is different than I've ever played in before.

I would think if Taylor is gone... Kupp or Jefferson at 3 (based on preference) would be a no brainer in the 1st.... right?

Leaning towards avoiding rb in the 1st 3 rounds altogether unless someone with real value drops.

What do you think?


I would still be taking CMC. Even though you only start 1 RB it doesn't mean the top guys aren't still very valuable. CMC's upside is too high for me to pass even in a start 1 RB. I wouldn't blame you for taking JJ or Chase but I would pick CMC.

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