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Paging Mike Pereira ....booth reviews last 2 minutes (1 Viewer)

Stinkin Ref

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I have noticed a couple of times this season some inconsistencies when it comes to booth reviews in the last two minutes. I would like to know if anybody knows what the criteria is.

I will use the KC-SD game as an example.

Less then two minutes left, KC has the ball and Franklin makes a catch on the sideline that is very close and is ruled COMPLETE on the field. Before the next snap, "the booth" notifies the officials and the play is reviewed and subsequently changed to INCOMPLETE.

A play or so later Bowe makes a catch on the sideline that is also very close and is ruled INCOMPLETE on the field. However, before the next snap there is no call "from the booth" to review the play. The play was easily "as close" as the first one, yet no call for a review. In fact, the replays showed that it may have in fact been a catch. Even the announcers wondered why it was not reviewed especially after the first one.

And I also wonder, what factor the clock plays in these reviews. If it is a dead ball are they more willing to stop the game for review as opposed to if it is a live ball and the clock is running (ie: a catch/no catch/trap call in bounds without a timeout afterwards)

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